The inner workings of my brain…the scary version

Do you ever find yourself in the position where you have two tasks that are equally important and have the same level of priority but because 1 task is slightly more familiar you procrastinate on the 2nd one? It’s exactly the position I find myself in at the moment.

Posts for the next few days may be sporadic.  I’m going to be teaching 7 classes starting next week and 2 of them have to be designed from the bottom up – one of them, BOB, I’ve taught before, this is the last term that it will be taught (Business of Broadcasting).  It has taken me about 7 hours tonight to redesign it, (since the 1st time I taught it was a joke), and a call to the GG, (who’s a librarian) to help me find a text book (which doesn’t seem to exist outside of Ontario).

I have 1 other one (CM) to tweak.  I just finished teaching it last term and now know what works and doesn’t.  A whole new one, Media Communications, that I’ve never taught and will have to figure out by next Wednesday.  Although, the past teachers of 2 of these 3 classes (BOB & MC) are lovely people, there is nothing written down and no way for me to access what they taught since they both just walked into the room and started talking to the students, no plan in place.  The CM class was a little better since I had a few sources to pull from to make it consistent.

Even the courses I’m familiar with will need to be revamped & touched up to keep them up to a standard that will benefit all the students.

And of course, there’s still the fact that I haven’t found a place to live …. yet! sigh! I know this will all work out and yet I’m still stressing about it.  I have to break my days down into halves for the next little while. 1/2 the day will have to be working on the school courses and lesson planing and the other 1/2 will be about finding a place to live.  To say I’m a little stressed right now is one of those giant understatement statements.

The point to me telling you this isn’t just to whine about my life, (although as mentioned in previous post, it kinda is what blogging is about!). It was so that if you are keeping up on a daily basis with me, as I know some of you are (thank you!) I’m still here, just trying to make sure I have a job and a place to live in the near future.

I’m sure there will be adventures over the next few days so I’ll try to make mention of them but right now since I’m writing this on Wedneday night, I’m headed to bed….haven’t even had any dinner but it’s to late now…maybe I’ll just have a bigger breakfast tomorrow before I start on my tasks. Oooh, maybe blueberry pancakes!

Some good wishes to finding the perfect place would be appreciated!  I’ve written my list out for what I need and want and imagine myself living in.  That always seems to help clarify the situation. Not to mention getting it to pop out of thin air. The school stuff will take care of its self and since it’s actually the easier thing to do at the moment, I find myself procrastinating on finding a place to live.

A friend posted a comment that I should find the place to live 1st and maybe instead of breaking my day up I should just forget about the school planning until monday and spend the next 4 days concentrating on finding a place to live in….that sounds like a good plan doesn’t it? I don’t have to teach until wednesday at 830AM that would give me Monday & Tuesday to get everything else organized.  That sounds like a direction that can work.

Wow! I just talked myself through 3 different scenarios here didn’t I, and breakfast? Now you know WHY I have to “walk the crazy” off so much….such are the inner workings of my brain…..scary huh?

Dreaming Big from the East Coast,


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2 Responses to The inner workings of my brain…the scary version

  1. oreneta says:

    Too many plates in the air…..goodness but life doesn’t hand it out in even batches does it…….

    did you decide on a single scenarios in the end?

    • Break Free says:

      yup! I had blueberry pancakes for breakfast! LOL! I saw a place today – not good….and I just found another place I drove by today that I liked has a few places coming available so I’m gonna be’s just the panic thing I do “walking the crazy” off isn’t just a phrase w/ me lately!! And I took the day off from the school stuff but after checking these places out tomorrow I’ll do a few hours then back to the house search…I just have problems focusing on 1 thing and then finishing it….but sometimes when I give my brain a break from one task and do another it solves the 1st one so when I go back to it…it’s way easier…hey…I’m writing another post aren’t I?!? I’ll be fine I’ve just never flown with out a safety net beneath me before, and it’s a little scary…..and why is that the case? why can’t we just do 1 crisis at a time….I guess where would the fun be in that! : )

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