continuing apartment hunting saga

The place I went to see yesterday AM was a bust.  The actual building isn’t to bad it’s a high rise and overlooks the harbour and out to the ocean far, far away, beautiful view! but the neighbourhood is really NOT a good one.  And the rent went up as I was standing there, apparently laminate flooring costs more so when they replace the carpet with the laminate they up the rent by $75 bucks / week.

If I’m going to live that far out of town in that bad a neighbourhood I’m not going to pay that money.  I’m telling you, the cottage idea is looking a little more appealing every moment! That or a new job so I can live in the “manner to which I’ve become accustom to” – the one with a roof over my head!

Well there are 2 more options to check out – 1 this morning just past the rotary which looks interesting, I’ll have to weigh the pro’s and cons on that later on.  And another option to call on Sunday to see if any place comes up in 2 of the buildings that they run. All the superintendence seem to be waiting to see what’s coming up in their building so Sunday will be a busy calling day to see what’s popped up.  I had a lovely chat with a leasing agent who has some incredibly beautiful looking apartments in a really really bad area of town, not sure the pro’s out weight the cons for that one.

This means that I’m back on school planning today. After I check out this place this morning. It was such a good plan! oh, well, you know what they say about the best laid plans…..LOL!

If anyone from Halifax knows someone who has a basement or in-law suite they’re looking to rent please let me know.  I’ve gotten cheap in my old age and trying to justify rent in certain places is crazy. Also, with all the time I spend at the cottage, paying a high rent right now just seems nuts.

As I mentioned I’ll keep you posted on my adventures.  Now back to Kijiji and Craigs list…my future amazing place to live awaits!

Dreaming Big from the East Coast,


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2 Responses to continuing apartment hunting saga

  1. oreneta says:

    Gonna have to sweat it, seems, no? There’s always a certain amount of searching before you find one you can live with, let alone one you love. There’s one out there for you…..just waiting.

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