Ain’t life Grand?!?

Possible success!! I saw a place yesterday that I really liked.  An older building, judging by the tiles in the lobby I’d say ’60’s, but it had  a really nice feel to it.  We’ll see though, the super doesn’t think she has a place available until June 1st.  I’m starting to think this might not be such a bad thing.  I can open the cottage put my stuff in storage for a month and then in June rent the 2 bedroom apartment that she has available. Or even July if it means getting a floor a little higher up. Commute back to Halifax for a few days a week, leave the girls there, have the neighbour check in on them, then spend most of June at the cottage, only coming in for 1 day a week.  That would be bliss.

At any rate, I’ve stopped panicking about this.  I was in “survival” mode and it was really starting to scare me and I really don’t need to be that scared…the whole point to this change and doing what I did with my life was to make sure I’m happy and being scared and stressed out was definitely not part of the grand plan.

The other thing I did yesterday, aside from school work and cleaning my apartment, since  friends came over for drinks before we headed out to eat, was get my Tarot cards read.

Ok, skeptics stop reading RIGHT NOW since this is going to become one of ‘THOSE’ posts.

There is this little book store here in Halifax called “Little Mysteries” and when I first moved here I thought it was a mystery book store, I was thrilled since that is the genre that I love (although I am trying to branch out).  It turns out it’s a “spiritual” store.  They have all sorts of cool things.  My friend, Mary told me about Pierre a year ago, he does tarot card readings and it’s really interesting how accurate they can be.

They open at 10am and I called at 1015 and got my appointment. I just woke up knowing that I NEEDED to go and do this, ( that and the fact that Julian Lennon’s song “Valotte”  was playing so loudly through my dream I couldn’t sleep).  When I called, the woman asked me if I had just called since another woman ‘Samantha’ had also called and booked an appointment.  The weird thing about this, is that it is exactly what happened the last time I went in to see Pierre.  So this other Samantha and I are on the same wavelength, I guess, who knows but it’s weird that it’s happened twice.

A little about Tarot cards, it’s not that someone is telling you something you don’t already know, it’s not magic it’s not coming from this guy who’s reading them, Tarot comes directly from you – what’s going on in your life RIGHT NOW.  Although you have to be careful because sometimes they will tell you what you WANT to know and not necessarily what you NEED to know.

Pierre only asks me a few questions when I go in, how I am (which I always reply, you tell me! we both have a snicker over that), then he asks my birthday and then are there any things in specific I’m concerned about (work, love etc).  Yesterday, it was a tough one to answer, since my whole life seems to be in flux again, everything is changing. Oh, and then he asks you to pick a number between 1 and 9…that’s so he knows how many cards to shuffle before picking.

I had the “full” reading done, no real big surprises. There are some things in my life that I have to get rid of.  I came here for a change and really just brought all those perceptions with me and now some of them gotta go! I really don’t want to get rid of them but they’re holding me back! sigh! Oh well, out with the crappy and in with the new.  When I get that settled then everything else will just start falling into place.

I’ve been suspecting this for a while now, I’ve tried to put it into play for the past few weeks and have found that my life has been better without these other things in it so I guess they should go permanently. I’ve worked hard to make them work and will be sad to see them, and all the hard work I’ve put in go, however, it’s time to put up the white flag and admit defeat.  Maybe one day when I’m in a different place, I can go back and start adding them in again, like you do with certain foods, not enough to be toxic but just enough for a taste.

The other thing the Tarots told me was to stop thinking from a place of poverty, that I”m being far to practical and that’s actually stopping me from getting my life in a place where abundance can flow (I’ve been reading Michael Dooley’s “Manifesting Change” for the past few days) and that if I have to juggle a few things at the same time, to change my life and get what I need, then so be it.  Use the school as a bridge for money and even connections to be able to get to where I want to go. ‘Course, that’s all assuming that I know where I  want be!

It really is interesting because although it sounds like a bunch of mumbo-jumbo (yes that’s my technical term) I’ve been so panicked about finding a place to live where I can afford that I’ve forgotten that I’m NOT broke and that I’m not alone and I do have options.

I’ve thinking about my life on a far to practical level.  When I do this I go into “survival mode” not good for someone like me.  This is NOT the type of person I am, my strength doesn’t come from a place of “logic” but from “intuition”.  When I work from a place of intuition, my life works out the way I need and want it to.  I’m not saying that I don’t use logic, however, I need to rely on my gut for the initial idea, then do the logical steps, to make it happen. I haven’t been doing this lately, so I need to learn to trust myself again.

On wards and Up wards…maybe cottage bound….wheeeee!! Ain’t life grand?!?

Dreaming Big from the  East Coast,


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6 Responses to Ain’t life Grand?!?

  1. hobbyjunkies says:

    I’ve been going to Pierre for years! I’m glad you found it useful for you 🙂

    • Break Free says:

      Useful?!? ya I guess! LOL! not gonna like giving up the things I’m used to and worked hard to keep….oh well, like I said – out with the crap & in w/ the new!

      • hobbyjunkies says:

        heheh yeah, useful. I hate going and they just stare at you like “nope. nothing for you to know or do.” They don’t say anything you can’t handle. You can handle the challenge 😉

      • Break Free says:

        not the challenge I’m worried about it’s the want/need ratio! LOL! sigh oh well if I can give up dairy I can give up the other stuff….although I do still slip up on the dairy…LOL!

    • Break Free says:

      Also, cool to meet another Pierre fan!!

  2. oreneta says:

    Glad you’ve figured out such a great plan for the housing…..I think the cottage and commute option would be an utter delight in fact…hmmmm, maybe it’ll catch on?

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