New hike!

I found a new hiking path the other day.  I mentioned that I’d begun to walk in the “Dingle”  a large park that is on what is called “the Arm”.  I knew about the little path that goes along in front of all the big houses along the ocean, I knew about the “Frog Pond” but had never walked there, what I didn’t know is that they meet.

I pulled out my hiking book and sure enough there is a beautiful path that starts on the Ocean side, goes through the woods (up a steep hill) to lovely light filled pine strewn paths, around the frog pond.  You then have a choice to walk up another huge hill that brings you back to the ocean side and the beautiful views or go back to your car and drive home.

I’ve managed to talk myself into taking the 2nd huge hill and doing that Ocean walk every time.  I hate going up it but it’s really good for me (and yesterday, morning before my hike, I walked to the Ferry Terminal and bought a croissant at “Two if by Sea” so I had to do the hill). I’m glad I do this part, the path here is beautiful.

Unlike the lower path towards the frog pond where it’s sunlit and full of crows and squirrels. This upper path, where it runs high along the cove, is dark and moss strewn.  The trees seem, sturdier for some reason, even though they are the same type of tree. There are rocks that the moss has grown over, but a darker moss than the one on the other paths.  Yesterday, when I stopped to take a drink, I noticed that someone had carved a face into one of the trees, just the image of eyes, nose and tongue sticking out, like the tree was blowing a raspberry at you.

When I walk onto this part of the path, it becomes silent.  Not an uncomfortable, get me out of here there’s something watching me that wants to eat me feeling, but a contemplative stay awhile and think feeling.  There are little bits of sun that manage to get through the heavy tree tops and I did find myself reaching for a pen and book to write  words that came to my mind “Beauty, Bliss, Abundance, Prosperity = love” .  For some reason I had to write them down, not my usual thing. I also missed “joy”  in my scribbling but I guess that’s just what I was feeling.

This hike takes me about an hour to complete and I enjoy the fact that there are not a lot of people on these trails.  However, I miss all the dogs I see in Point Pleasant Park they equal JOY!!! Today, I have a ton of school prep to do, but I’ll take an hour and go to PPP and do the hills there – I can always gaze across the cove to the other walking path and know that I now have two wonderful places to go.

Dreaming Big from the East Coast,


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3 Responses to New hike!

  1. Jack says:

    Sounds great, Sam. I miss the ocean, although I am enjoying Ontario in a newish way now as well.

    • Break Free says:

      I miss TO a lot but Halifax is beginning to grow on me! Everything is easier with the Ocean near by….I’m glad you’re doing well and having fun in ON…but you can always come out to visit….this ocean is closer than the other side!! LOL!

  2. oreneta says:

    For me, there is nothing quite like a lovely walk….alone is fabulous and in good company too. Love it. Sounds like a great walk!

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