Tabitha & Prairie…my pet rocks!

"The Girls" Prairie (L) & Tabitha (R)

My girls have been my rocks.  Before and especially since my ex husband and I decided to end our almost 20  year relationship, they have been by my side.  Yes I have amazing, wonderful, friends who have been here for me and still are. To commiserate with me, listen to my complaints, listen to me sob, help me with all my frustrations, give great advice. But when the words won’t come and the phone calls aren’t enough the girls are always here.

When the tears are pouring down my face and even I’m not sure why, there is always a concerned cat somewhere by to cuddle with me and purr.  Or just to be in the same room or on the same piece of furniture with me.  Making me feel like I’m not actually alone.

They’ve been through a lot in the past year and 1/2, they’ve lost their home, their “dad” and made to endure weekend drives to the cottage (which they love) but that involves a loud, smelly, ferry ride (ON WATER?!?!) and have done it, for the most part uncomplaining.  Tabitha, hates the 6am ferry back to Halifax. She tells me so from the minute we land in Pictou to the minute we arrive back at the apartment, 2 hours in case anyone is interested, cat has stamina, I’ll give her that!

Yet they still make sure I’m OK,  (of course I am their source of food that hasn’t escaped my notice).  They have their routines and lately “girl cuddling” time has become one I like quite a bit.  We all pile on the couch around 430-5pm and I work on my computer and they snooze and cuddle with me.  Just being close to each other.

Recently when I went to Roatan, Honduras, my friend took care of my place and the girls. They were appropriately admonished to behave, and I told him all the horrible things that could happen.  Turned out not to be to bad, only a few “payback” items for me when I returned and he’s named Prairie a “concept” cat, since he never actually saw her.  He was so concerned about her that he fed her under the couch,where she was staying while I was away, so she would get her meat everyday.

They say that cats are very empathetic.  I know when I’m really down my little one is there snuggling and purring, like she can make me feel better if she just purrs hard enough.  Tabitha likes to make sure that we have a cuddle before lights out every night to make sure that she can purr me to sleep as well.  In the middle of the night when I wake up, Prairie is the one that tries to put me back to sleep or baring that comes out into the living room with me and snuggles beside me until I decide to come back to bed and really sleep.

Looking at these two little creatures that share their lives with me, I am so grateful for them.  They know all my secrets, and will never tell or think less of me for any of them.  They’ve seen me at my best and my worst and still love me and want to be with me.  Nothing I ever say embarrasses them, although I DO get attitude from Tabitha.

There is a saying I love:

“Dogs have masters….Cat’s have staff”

Mine definitely fit into that category but they’re pretty good to the staff as long as you follow a few simple rules, fresh water every day, lots of kibble, clean litter box, meat and lots of cuddles….but only when they want them, they have to have some decorum, after all they are cats and have a reputation to up hold.

Dreaming Big from the East Coast,

Samantha w/ Tabitha & Prairie

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5 Responses to Tabitha & Prairie…my pet rocks!

  1. Sheila says:

    The skies were overcast and full of dark storm clouds the day we brought our kitten home from the shelter – what do you name a cat on a day like that? Stormy is a black & white prima donna and the queen of aloofness as well as our house. All snuggles & purrs are completely at her discretion, but she is never far from us and supervises all we do…working, eating, sleeping, showering, and even having a pee. She stays inside but pretends to be a skilled hunter stealthily sneaking up on and attacking dust bunnies. We do not need any clocks in the house because she lets us know when it is exactly 6am & 6pm – its time to eat !!! She has this very interesting way of showing her affection by flopping over on the floor exposing her belly – kinda like a dog…very weird but we know its her way of saying I love you. I sometimes consider getting a pal for her but my least favourite chore of all time is the litter box and I just cannot rise up to the challenge of that….peeeheeeewwww

    • Break Free says:

      She sounds beautiful – you’ll have to send me a pic! One of the biggest mysteries in my life is WHO TAUGHT THE CATS TO TELL TIME?!? when I find that person….and I will find you…I’m dropping them off at your place so you can learn from your mistakes!!!! Maybe you should start a blog Sheila…that was a very good description of Stormy (great name!). My two also answer to Monkey or Bratatha (Tabitha) or Mouse (Prairie).

      • Sheila says:

        I have a few pics of Stormy on FB….my favourites are the shots of her getting caught with the toilet paper and also sitting up on my kitchen stool.
        I do like to write, however I am not sure I have enough to say to keep up a blog (and besides blogging might cut into my internet shopping time…lol) but I certainly do like reading & commenting on yours !!!

      • Break Free says:

        well I love to hear your comments so keep ’em coming! internet shopping huh?!? sounds like a blog in the making! LOL! : )

      • Sheila says:

        First I need to figure out a way to make QVC & Amazon tax deductible….hehehe

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