walk of……anger?

Yesterday was an “odd” day.  I worked on my school lessons, I’m now confident about all the classes I’ll be teaching , well, almost all, Media Communications is still going to be a bit of a challenge but I’ll get the hang of it quickly.  I had my hair cut, found out my hairdresser is moving back home, this is the 2nd one I’ve “run” outta town.  I’m disappointed you KNOW how hard it is to find a good hairdresser!

I hit that point in the early afternoon that I needed to go for a walk to clear my head.  Since I just had my hair done, I didn’t want it to be a sweaty up hill, need to take a shower after you do it walk.  I decided on a “stroll” around the Frog Pond in my new favorite place “The Dingle”.  It’s about a 25-30 minute stroll or a 20 minute fast pace.  I decided on a stroll, it was a beautiful day the sun was shinning, although the wind was cold.

I drove out, parked and walked to the path head.   The 1st thing I noticed was that it was WAY colder than I thought, and I was very glad that I had worn my jacket with the polar fleece and hood but I had, regrettably, left my mitts in the car, darn! oh well, I tucked my hands in my pockets and started on the trail.

A view of Frog Pond

The view of Frog Pond

It’s a beautiful little pond with lovely kept trails and ducks.  As I mentioned the other day, some run through the forest and some, like what I was on yesterday, are gravel for easy traveling.  Little bridges run over swampy areas and there are lots of little hills and the paths sometimes have trees growing in the middle of them, giving you the option to walk around the tree.  The sun bounced off the water and even though the wind was blowing the paths are somewhat sheltered so the cold wasn’t to bad.

It’s very beautiful and calming …. and yesterday by the time I finished my walk I was in such a foul mood I couldn’t believe it.  I was feeling “bitchy” and “angry”…not usually the result I aim for on my walks.  I guess it started because I began to think of a few stupid unnecessary things that seem to be happening right now.

I have a great life, I have a ton of options, I have a job, part time but at least I have one in my industry and one I enjoy. I have my girls and my beautiful cottage and friends both near and far…so I’m doing well.  But every once and awhile, something beyond your control sneaks in and it just becomes for lack of a better word “stupid”, like a bad tooth ache.

This is what came up on my walk.  I hadn’t been thinking to much about it before I started on the path but by the end let me tell you I was steamed up about it. To add insult to injury, I still haven’t come up with a solution to the stupid, which in some cases, as this one, can piss you off even more!

This is the first time I’ve come back from a walk, worse off then when I left.   When I walked out the door it was to give my brain a break. I’ve been doing school stuff for days and needed the air and exercise. I had no idea I’d come back steaming about something I’m not even sure is A) my problem and B) that I can solve.

I’m hoping this is a one time, quirky thing and that my next walks won’t be this strange.  I really enjoy walking it would be a bad thing to have to give up because of this for lots of reasons. I guess I’ll just have to let my brain mull this one over and see if it can’t just work the stupid out.

Dreaming Big from the East Coast,


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4 Responses to walk of……anger?

  1. oreneta says:

    Sometimes, maybe yes…but generally, I doubt it’ll keep happening. When I find my brain spiraling into a gloom of doom, I tend to put on the Mp3 and listen to a comedy podcast or some upbeat music. It’s almost like my brain has slipped into idle mode and decided to wiggle a tooth rather than see the world. Needs distraction.

    • Break Free says:

      well the walk is supposed to BE the distraction. I’ve been calling it “walking the crazy off” and for the past year and half it’s really been helping but man o man it really bombed the other day! LOL! I’m sure it’s a 1 time thing, and it’s never happened to me that I come back angrier from a walk…even w/ my brain still going….maybe I should have done a second lap around the pond! LOL!

  2. hobbyjunkies says:

    Good hair dresser: My favorite, and I’ve turned Connie and her daughter onto her is Kirsha Alexander from the H&S Studio. The salon is located near Pier 1 Imports in the Mumford mall area.

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