1st day back of the new semester…..

Yesterday was  the first day back – I am exhausted and I don’t think my voice works anymore, I must have talked for 9 hours straight. I’m going enjoy this semester, of all 7 classes there is only 1 student I haven’t taught before so at least I have the short hand with them and I know all their names already! Yeah!!

I think the students last semester broke me, at the very least discouraged me a lot! I’m looking forward to a more friendly atmosphere for this one.  I found out that I’m making the same amount of money as the other teachers, I thought I was making less, so that was a bonus. I’ve come to the conclusion that unless the perfect opportunity arises I’m going to do the commute to and from the cottage and look for a place in July.  So all in all, a good week.

The stupid thing still hasn’t solved itself yet but that’s ok, at least I’m to exhausted to care right now, step in the right direction I guess.  Can’t win them all, at once.

I’m feeling optimistic about my future right now. I always know that I’m going to be alright but sometimes we forget that we have choices.  My choice right now is to follow my instinct, like I said I was going to do.  The only thing I’m a little worried about by doing this commute, I’ll be leaving my ladies alone for a few days and nights and that’ll be hard on us all.   However, maybe the perfect opportunity will arise and this will all be settled.  I do know that the girls and I will be spending all of June at the cottage, even if we do find our dream place for May 1st….I suspect the dream place is the cottage!

Dreaming Big from the East Coast,


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2 Responses to 1st day back of the new semester…..

  1. oreneta says:

    First day done. Phew! That’s good……sounds like things are settling a bit too, which can only be good. You sound less on edge, seems a good sign, no?

    Looking forward to cottage pics!

    • Break Free says:

      well I’ve decided that stupid will take care of itself at some point and ya that brought my stress level down quite a bit…..but MAN! am I wiped today! and next week I have to do this 3 days thank goodness I have tomorrow off!! LOL! I’m sleeping in for sure!

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