Will you try this with us?

I screened the “flaky” movie again yesterday, I enjoy it.  Although, I seriously think it needs about 45 minutes cut out.   The movie is called “Being in Heaven” and it’s a “positive thinking, secret” type of film, based on visualization.

One of the classes I teach is a professional development class, actually this semester I’m teaching 4 of them.  This class is “PDP 300” and one of the things we have to cover is visualization.  Last semester in desperation of how to teach doubting 19 year olds about this topic, I realized the perfect “weapon” was sitting on my shelf.  Michael Domeyko Rowland’s “Being in Heaven”. It also lends itself to a great assignment, which I now have fine tuned.

I did the basic going over of the syllabus, offered a break, gave a 10 minute description of the assignment then plunked in the movie for all to see…it’s an hour and 1/2 so it takes up quite a bit of time.  Scoffing, comments and snorts are heard throughout the class, they all have an opinion, some positive, some negative.  I loved that last night at 640pm (class ends at 630), on the eve of a long weekend, 5 of them were standing in the stairwell talking about what they just saw, instead of rushing out the door. THAT WAS AMAZING!

What I love about this movie is when we talk about it next week, and we will talk ALL about it. They’ll start by telling me how bad the acting was, that will take quite a long time to get them off that topic, then, they’ll  move on to how believable some of the stories are.  It will be quite some time before I can drag them back to the actual purpose of the movie and the assignment. I’ve done this before! FUN!  I decided to play the movie 1st thing (and the 2 other teachers are doing the same) so that we would have the whole 7 weeks to do the work.  I’m going to do it with them.

The “assignment” if you’d like to do it with us: It’s called a “life write“.  You write what you would like to happen in your life in the 3rd person, as if it has already happened. You need to put a date on it so your mind has something to aim for (in our case the course is 7 weeks so it gives us a natural end date) and you need to take the appropriate steps to get yourself in a position to make this happen, for instance if you want to lose 10 lbs, you can’t just sit on the couch eating cheesies, you have to at least take the stairs to get the snack food! You read it over a few times until you are satisfied that you have the details correct.  Then every day you run the story through your head.  If you can arrange to put yourself in a quite relaxed state to do this, all the better.

Now, Michael Rowland has other things that he thinks you need to do as well, re-programming yourself to re-think your preconceived ideas you grew up with.  I only have 7 weeks so I have to put a few limits on it.  The students have seen the film so they know what they can do if they want to incorporate the other aspects, either now or at a later date.

Next week they should all have a paragraph (he suggests a page or 2 but for this sake of this work I only ask for a paragraph or 2) in the in box of the new server system we’ll be using (Drop Box – no more killing trees or filing for me!) and then by week 7  another paragraph with the conclusion to the experiment, whether it worked or not, or how it changed them.

I love that this experiment makes them think, even if they don’t believe it, they have to think about a different way of doing things.  Getting their goals to line up and putting themselves in a position to make things happen.  I’ve already had one past student come back and tell me that it has been working for him, so cool.  I’ve experienced this myself, so I know it can and does work.

I’m a firm believer in positive thinking, although I have my days when positive is definitly not on the menu, we all slip.  However, if we are “the masters of our own destiny” and can “manifest our lives” we should be able to do anything we want.  When did we stop believing what our parents used to tell us? We can be and have anything we want?……I’m going to write my paragraph out today and try for the next 7 weeks to manifest my destiny, anyone care to join me? I’d love to hear how it works for you at the end of our 7 weeks, assignments due May 17th .

Happy Easter to all that celebrate!

Dreaming Big from the East Coast,


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