Spring Cleaning time has arrived!

Today feels like the start of something new, like that first day of school, when you have all your new notebooks, pens and pencils.  All that potential just waiting to fill those books.  I have to do some serious sorting of the stuff in my apartment.  For the next few months I’ve decided to commute from the cottage in PEI to Halifax to work.  At the moment, I’m only working 3 days a week, I’d like to work more, as a matter of fact I would LOVE to work more, but hey, this is the way it is for the moment and I’m going to embrace it.

Meanwhile, all the stuff in my apartment has to go into storage, so I have to sort and get rid of some things here.  I don’t want to pay for things to store that I just don’t need.  It’s funny when I moved out here a year ago I brought things I thought I would need, that I thought I couldn’t do with out.  I haven’t seen or used them since I arrived.  I think it’s spring and time for a good cleaning. Both physically and mentally.

Lots of things are going to go.  I’m tired of hauling around things that aren’t mine just because “I’ve always been the organized one”, so all of my ex’s tax stuff for his business and personal have to be sent back to him before the end of this month.  That’s going to cost me a bit of money but the fact that I no longer have the baggage will be freeing, it’s worth it.  I have a whole bunch of stuff that was my mom’s that I was keeping some for sentimental some because the government tells me to – a lot of that is going as well.  Even some emotional stuff is going, I’m taking a step back and letting it all go, the universe will take care of it and it will work out in the end.

It’s time to clean house! I think it must be my age, I’m starting to want less stuff in my life and more “moments” and special things only.  I want to hike, kayak, do yoga and sing more.  I want to have a job I love and that I can make some good money doing so I don’t have to worry about things.  I want to spend time at my cottage.  Most of all, I want to spend time with people who love me and I love.  I don’t want anymore “things”, I’m over that, I don’t need more stuff I need less, so less it shall be.

I’m going to list some things on Craig’s list, some things are going to the local charity shop and others will be given to friends who would like them.  Some things, will go to to the cottage. I still haven’t decided what to do with my Royal Doulton ladies 2 of them were my grandmothers, 1 from my ex mother in law. I’m not a huge fan, I like the one’s I have but NO MORE please.  I guess I can make that decision later on. Course, deep down I’m also a sentimental fool so I’m sure those “ladies” will end up carefully packed away….sigh, baby steps.

Spring is all about renewal and I think that’s just what I’m going to do, renew myself.   Last year was about survival and exploration, this year = renewal.  I’m going to make a more streamlined version of myself, I know it’s in there it always has been, shedding the pounds of “crap” physically and emotionally, that I’ve been carrying around just because “I have to”, who says?!? I’m hitting an age now that I’m beginning to see that time is changing and the shape of my life is changing, I love that, I want that change.

Spring resolution……NO MORE CRAP!

Dreaming Big from the East Coast,


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3 Responses to Spring Cleaning time has arrived!

  1. oreneta says:

    Now that was totally inspirational! Hmmm, looking around the place. Wonder what I can do with it all.

    • Break Free says:

      Glad I was inspiring!! I didn’t get as much accomplished today as I wanted but that’s ok..there’s always tomorrow and I have to be done by the 28th so somehow it will get all done! Good luck with your place…you were always so good at this stuff I can’t see your place being terribly cluttered! although you do have kids! : )

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