Short Post

This is when the post get a little shorter and far less profound.  Yesterday was the second 9 hour teaching day, grueling.  I was lucky enough to be invited to a friends place for dinner (she made Indian) which was wonderful.  I would have had popcorn, if I had been that ambitious, more than likely it would have been toast.  It was a HUGE step up from aforementioned toast, to walk into this amazing smelling meal just waiting for me.  Sitting down to eat with her and her daughter was just great.  This definitely goes on the “pro’s” list from yesterday’s post.

I was quite proud of myself that I managed to get myself home with out the GPS, I did use it on the way over and it was a weird route that she took me on.  Getting back was way faster.  I’m beginning to learn my way around, even some of the short cuts are starting to click in.

My place looks like it’s been tossed by professional’s looking for diamonds or some precious item, there are boxes and bins scattered throughout the apartment.  The girls are doing that “avoid” thing they do when they know they’re not going to like what I’m going to make them do. There is a very funny smell coming out of my fridge.  I think after my class this AM I’m going to spend part of the 4 hours between classes doing a little cleaning and sorting.

Part of me thinks I’m crazy that I’m doing this move and commute and the other part is saying it’s perfectly logical to do this.  As per my tarot card post of a few weeks ago, I’m going with my instinct and thinking that it’s a smart thing to do.  Let’s face it, it really is just a great excuse to get back to one of my favorite places on earth, (I think there’s only 1 other place that I love to be more than my blue cottage).  Walking on the beach, seeing the moon rise over Boughton Island and the light shimmer on the water in the bay, hanging my laundry out on the line and letting it air dry in the sea breeze, hearing the whine of 200 mosquitoes on the screen of the sliding door. Ahh, the sounds, sights and smells of summer.


Dreaming Big from the East Coast,


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2 Responses to Short Post

  1. oreneta says:

    Yah know, it seems the right thing to do to me…you really seem to love that cottage, and if you can work three days a week and have a four day weekend out there every week…all the better, seems to me.

    I ADORE indian…mmmmmmmmmm.

    • Break Free says:

      In theory it is a great idea..I’ll have to see how the practical part works out! LOL! I do love the cottage….it’s home now.

      I love indian as well!! although sushi is a definite fave!!

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