The Right Stuff?

My apartment looks like a crazy place. There are boxes, paper and stuff all over and I haven’t even put a dent in what I have to pack.   I know I’m not being brutal enough with my sorting.   I have garbage and recycling  bags on the go, a donations box and one for the cottage.  I don’t want to take to much stuff with me, there’s already enough stuff there.

I thought I was the type of person who really didn’t need a whole lot of things, until I started packing it all up.  It’s like every thing seems to have a memory attached some good some bad (those ones are going).  A few things I can’t imagine throwing out and who would want the other stuff? Crazy right?

I would love a place that’s free from clutter, something where I don’t have things to dust around but for some reason when I try to get rid of the stuff a little voice in the back of my head says “awww, remember when you got that? we should keep that” I need to muzzle that voice.

I shouldn’t have started with the kitchen and dining room hutch, they both seem to be places where I have stored quite a bit of the “stuff”. I hope when I move onto the bedroom and the living room it won’t be as bad, there isn’t to much there.  However, there is the storage room, a place I’m very afraid of.  In it are papers for past taxes for myself, my Ex and my mother.  I’m sending my Ex’s back to him before I move, I do not want to pay for storage of that anymore, my mothers I’m supposed to keep for another 2 years then I can get rid of it and mine well, I think I have to keep some of it but I’m going to try to be brutal and get rid of some of the things that are there.

If anyone in Halifax would like to check out my donations pile before it goes, I’m happy to have my things find a home that would appreciate them.  Just let me know.  I’d love to have a garage sale but I don’t have a garage.

Prairie has been helping me test the cat traps.  At least she put herself in the right box, that one is cottage bound.

Moving is a pain, since I’m not going for 2 weeks I still have to plan to live here so I can’t pack everything.  I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to get the things I will need for the next 2 months in my car for the trip over.  That might be the deciding factor on what makes it and what doesn’t.  Some things are easy, all the furniture goes into storage.  It’s the little stuff that needs to be dealt with.

A few years ago when my Ex and I bought our house, we hired movers to pack our things since we were both so busy.  They can do an entire house in a few hours, since they don’t have that little voice talking to them. They just put the stuff in the box, their main concern is making sure stuff doesn’t break.  However, I’m trying to take this opportunity to clean house, which is what most of us do when we move.  We sort and clean.

Ok, pep talk time, this should be easy, most of this is going into storage for 2 months, it’s not forever.  I just need to take the basics to the cottage, the food, the girls, clothes and stuff from my office that I need for school.  The rest can either go into the storage for 2 months OR I get rid of it.  I just need to figure out which is the “Right Stuff”!

Dreaming Big from the East Coast,


Oh! I forgot about the linen closet!! that’s gonna be bad!

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4 Responses to The Right Stuff?

  1. oreneta says:

    When we were moving onto the boat and had to sort into different piles I set aside one room that could ONLY contain the stuff for the boat, another for the stuff for storage a third for the stuff for the yard sale….made it easier to keep track of what went where…..corners of a sacrificial room might help too, then you don’t end up doing what a friend of mine did! She was moving to Senegal, some stuff was shifted there, some was stored, some was yard saled and some binned…..the movers came in to pack the stuff for storage…she’d used post it notes….and they packed the passports. OMG. THAT was a huge and expensive hassle to fix.

    • Break Free says:

      Yikes! I’ll have to remember to move my passport to my purse so that I don’t do that….not that I need it to go to PEI but you never know, I might get a last minute flight to someplace exotic and then what would I do? LOL!
      I think I just shouldn’t have started w/ the kitchen – it really brought the tone of the packing down! LOL! great ideas though I have been doing something like that already so I’ll just make my corners a little more pronounced. : )

  2. oreneta says:

    Kitchens suck to pack, it’s all hard, sharp or breakable and there is SO MUCH of it……

    • Break Free says:

      Yup! that’s why I’m tackling the rest of it this AM – get it over with! then the rest shouldn’t be so bad….at least that’s my theory….I’ll let you know how it works! ok on to my 1st Pomodoro of the day….sigh! wish I had the “powers” of my namesake and I could just wiggle my nose and have it all done! that would be SO much easier….LOL!

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