I officially hate packing……

I officially hate packing!

I did get quite a bit done yesterday.  I’ve managed to deal with my power and internet here in NS and my phone service, looks like I’ll be able to have the same number here and on the island with a flick of an internet switch. NOW I just have to figure out who to get into “bed” with for my internet provider at the cottage. Oh and I have to rent a mail box for a few months.

One wall of packing

The wall of packing

The 3am panic attack started with the cat barfing, AGAIN, oh my life is grand isn’t it? She hasn’t done this in a long time and I think the stress of moving isn’t just hitting me.  As I mentioned, they are little emotional sponges and it’s distressing seeing your whole world put into bins, it’s hard for me and I understand what’s happening, they don’t.  This morning I’m up and in full fledged panic mode.  I’ve already decided who’s getting emails later today for job hunting.  What has to happen to get my taxes done.  I’ve checked out a “boot camp” that might be interesting on PEI for me and what the repercussions of doing that would be, (it would look great on my resume). Thought about the car and what I’m going to do about that (for June). Then there is my, as I like to call it, “GO TO” panic topic.  Sheesh! Lots done before 6am huh?

When I get up later on, (assuming I get back to sleep at some point) my moving guy is dropping by to give me more supplies.  I’m out of bubble wrap, the newsprint is going as well but the kitchen is almost done. YEAH!  I still have to buy some vacuum bags for the clothes and linens and then all will be good.  I should be completely packed by the weekend only left to deal with the stuff I’ll be using and whatever I’m taking to the cottage. Damn! I packed the booze….well they shouldn’t be to hard to find I think they’re in the cottage pile.

The Pomodoro’s are working to a certain extent, I’m using a 45 minute scale, it’s hard to take 5 minutes between sessions so I’ve been taking about 15 that seems to work for me, 20 makes me anxious 10’s not enough so 15 it is. Like Goldilocks. I still have to pack the things that don’t need the special wrapping …. the globes on the top of my hutch are next.

Yesterday was so beautiful however the only “out” time I had was when I popped out for a quick stroll ’round 230ish. I’ll have to change that today. Already, the birds are singing, the boxes are stacking up behind me against the wall and the goodwill box is getting slightly bigger, and has morphed into 2 boxes, so it’s all going well.  I’m still hating it though!

I think I’ll feel better when it’s all packed and the only things left to worry about are the things going to the cottage with the girls and I on the 28th.  I’m looking forward to getting back there, seeing the ocean and walking on the beach.  I have some chores to do this summer, stain the deck, re-stain the other decks, the picnic tables, tremclad the mosquito tent.  The sunlight needs to be finished, one of the things that never quite got done by my Ex, so I guess it’s up to me, apparently ignoring it doesn’t make it go away.

Packing almost done, some lesson planning to do, then it’s off to the wilds of PEI…what a glamorous life I lead!

Dreaming Big from the East Coast,


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