Whiny post BEWARE!

I feel like my head is going to explode!! Yesterday was a crazy day, it was just one of those days that I felt I was running, no what’s faster than running? dashing? sprinting? tearing around? ya that one, tearing around from one thing to another but with really great times in between.

A friend of mine lives outside of Halifax and when she brings her car in to have it serviced we’ve been lucky enough in the past to be able to meet and catch up.  I was disapointed because I thought I wasn’t going to be able to do that since wednesdays are my super busy day.  However, my 1st class today? 2 students showed up, what a let down, I had a guest speaker invited and had to reschedule (good thing he’s a good friend and it wasn’t a big deal for him but I feel bad about that).  What it gave me was 3 hours to go look at new cars, and to have a coffee with  my friend, which we both needed.

Then I rushed back into the downtown, had to park my car at school, which cost me an  arm and a leg, and probably my 1st born…(which right now is Tabitha and they can have her, the barfy darling) to teach 2 more classes for the day.  I didn’t actually get to eat lunch until 5pm.  Then on my way home I bumped into a friend at the Superstore (Loblaws) we ended up going out for a coffee and I ended up missing a call I was expecting to come MUCH later in the evening, hate that.  It was a day of hurry up and rush then wait.

The apartment looks like a bomb hit it and my moving guy didn’t show up on tuesday and is supposed to come today at lunch time, I’ve double booked myself, hopefully he sticks true to form and is a little late. Friday is another day that I’ve semi double booked myself so I’ll have to sort that out as well.

I can’t wait till the weekend when I have time to actually do nothing but pack, at least it will be quiet! Never thought I’d hear myself say that.

I’m starting to car shop since my beloved B200 has to go back at the end of June.  I’m really going to miss it. Love that car, but the buy out is high and the maintenance (as a friend pointed out) is way to much and it only takes premium gas, which out this end of the world is $1.56 right now.  It’s going to be tough to find something that I like, that I can afford that gives me close to the power I’m used to and that is reliable.  I have a few options and I’ll let you know what I end up with.

I have a friend who’s willing to help me a little today, but I’m not sure what to do about the offer of help, really what I need from this person is some moral support and I’m not sure I can ask for that at the moment.  Do you ever realize that you’ve said something that gets  misconstrued and it doesn’t matter how much you try to fix it they now have it in their head that it means one thing and it totally alters the relationship?  I think that’s what I’ve done and I’m not sure I can fix it.

In addition to the moving thing and the car thing, I now have the friend who’s taken something I said, not the wrong way exactly but to great offence, I guess. I’ve apologized and tried to explain but I think I screwed it up.   The offer of help is wonderful but is also stressing me out because of the feeling that I have damaged our friendship, and won’t have the time or energy to fix this right now and if I leave it to long it might never be resolved.

Wow! you really can’t run or change who you are can you? It doesn’t matter how much I’d like to not be so blunt and just say what I feel, I still just do it, I forget that some people take offence to things I say or the way I say it.  I have no idea if this friend reads my posts but if you do I AM SORRY I didn’t explain myself enough and drama or no drama we need to talk about this and sort it out because it’s making me miserable! I suspect they don’t read it though.

Ok, plans for today, get up, teach, go pay bill at court house (long story), meet with moving guy, do some packing, go back to school teach another class, rearrange tomorrows double bookings….grovel to friend and try to fix things….. try to get a walk in there somewhere, so, no stress, should be a piece of cake huh?

I HATE MOVING!!  just for the record!

Dreaming Big from the East Coast,


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4 Responses to Whiny post BEWARE!

  1. Mich says:

    If a friend is truly a friend; you shouldn’t have to grovel…xo

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