….not the train!

Saturday is over and the kitchen is finally packed!! YEAH!  Except, for the few things in the dishwasher, that won’t take long.  I have 33 boxes so far, there is still more but the kitchen was the worst part.  There is light at the end of the tunnel and it’s not the train this time!

My friend walked down the cottage driveway, and it’s clear for the plumbers to get in.  Two friends invited me to dinner and a movie last night, I bowed out on the movie but went for the dinner.  I believe I’ve mentioned that there is only a bottle of Champagne and a cucumber (that’s going bad) in my fridge?  Now, I have left over steak for later, which is great!

Today, I tackle my closet, pack up the rest of the pictures, my desk and all the odds and ends that are left over (lampshades, pillows etc). Load up my car for goodwill.   I can do my taxes and get them to the accountants, then on to lessons plans for the rest of the week.  Sigh! Gonna be busy. Somewhere in there I’d love to go for a walk if it’s not raining.

By thursday night the girls and I will be sitting in an empty apartment, I have my air mattress ready, I’ll have 1 lamp and that’s about it….everything else will be loaded into my car for the cottage or on it’s way to storage for the next two months. Very weird.

I didn’t think I’d ever say this, but I’m going to miss this apartment.  Not only because it’s right downtown and convenient to everything but it has become “home” over the past few months.  There was one day, last November, when I moved a chair from the bedroom to the living room and all of a sudden, the place felt right.  Yesterday afternoon, I went for a swim.  I paddled around in the pool, not for long,  just a break from the packing and long enough to realize I’m going to miss having the option to pop down for a quick dip. ‘Course, I have the ocean at the cottage, it’s just not heated to the same temperature as that pool!

I know the next place I find will be great and I’ll be able to make it home for the girls and I  but this place will always be my “first” in Halifax, and you never forget your first.  The fact that the apartment number is my birthday (413), the flock of mourning doves that live in the court yard (my favorite bird), the boardwalk so easily available for those times I desperately needed to  “walk the crazy off” (and still do).  The farmers market where I started selling wine the week after I arrived, and where I met my first official Halifax friend, Mary.

Let’s not forget the 4 coffee shops in spitting distance, the used bookstore/coffee shop around the corner, the 2 liquor stores in walking distance and the hairdresser (2nd one I’ve now chased out of town), and the grocery store.  How I’m going to miss all the great restaurants.  I’m also going to miss some of the people I’ve met  in my building, The condo is great and if I had the money or at least a full time (or another part time) job I would seriously consider buying a unit.

However, not this one, at 3am this morning,  the “new” folks upstairs, who I suspect are students, woke me up by playing and singing.  Not enough to be “loud” but enough to wake me from a weird dream and keep me up.   They’ve all to bed now (4am) and I’m wide awake.  At least I won’t have those issues at the cottage.

The universe has something else in store for me, which both thrills and terrifies me.  Holding it together and making sure that everything is taken care of is going to be a challenge for me but I’m up for a good challenge, so bring it on! Let’s see what wonderful things are in store for me this year.

Right now, I’m looking forward to getting back “home” to the cottage, settling in and just being able to walk the beach and be by the ocean.  Quiet time for the girls and I.

Dreaming Big from the East Coast,


I have just realized that I have done such a good job at packing the kitchen that even if I wanted to make myself breakfast I can’t – all my pots are packed! I’m off to Tim’s!

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