do you ever just have one of those days?

I’m not sure I can make this a positive post.   I woke up this morning at 10 to 6 to, yup you guessed it…barfy cat, couldn’t get back to sleep. Yesterday was the day from hell and I can only hope that it’s the last one for awhile.  I have no idea what was in my energy field on Monday, but it was crazy.  Maybe mercury is in retrograde?  Whatever it was, I was not inline with the universe at all!

To rant just a little, I had decided that Monday was going to be my errand day, I was going to take a break from packing and do some of the other things on  my list.  I had it all arranged, my plan (clearly, this is where I went wrong, I’m sure) was to go out and grab some breakfast at 730 – so off to Tim’s I went.   Then I would take a shower, load the car with the donations pile and recyclables (which I did do) drive to Bayers lake, drop off everything and pick up kibble and litter for the girls.  I was then going to stop at the post office, rent a PO Box, do a small grocery shop, (since I really don’t want to run to Tim’s every morning, it’s just NOT good) of things I can just grab to eat.  Then head back, make a few calls and arrangements, do the taxes, laundry and some school things then finish up with some light packing. Sounds like a good plan right?

First sign of the day going to rat shit?  I received an email from my plumbers telling me that the power seems to be out at my cottage, so a call to Maritime Electric in PEI had to be made. Then I thought (and here’s where it all went horribly wrong), why don’t I call my insurance company and  suspend my tenants insurance for the 2 months that I won’t need it?  OMG, without getting into to much detail, it turns out that I now have to find new insurance for the cottage by saturday (I have a call into a broker).  The companies won’t JUST insure the cottage by it’s self since it’s only seasonal, you MUST have a 2nd policy to balance it out.  Since my Ex is still paying for the car insurance, ’cause it’s his car, I only have the 2 policies with them and by canceling the tenant insurance it nulls and voids the cottage.  So different scenarios were played out which resulted in me hanging up on the woman (I never hang up on someone, but I was on hold for just to long and way to mad and frustrated to stay on the line) and calling a broker in town here.   Hopefully, I have something solved by the end of the week.

I also found out on the weekend that since my Ex’s company pays for my car (which he insisted I take when I left, despite me asking him to sell the lease) it’s being put through MY taxes as income.  Causing my tax bill to be potentially earth shattering. Considering, even WITH the car I’m well under the “poverty rate” this year, the tax bill could crush me.  I had to spend time today working on getting my business write offs completed – got it done, but I’m sure it won’t cancel the whole amount so there will be fall out.

I did manage to get everything on my list done, much to my surprise, it was just one of those days where I had to struggle with a lot of frustration.  Not sure what the lesson is in that, maybe there is no lesson, it was foggy and rainy here, maybe the universe was just having an off day….do you think that’s possible?

The Wall of Packing

the wall of packing

Today will be better, I will get the rest of the things on my week to do list done, call about the internet for the cottage and call and check on the power situation for the plumbers (and me!).  Get the last of the packing done, it’s just odds and ends at this point.  Load my car for the cottage – see how much I can stuff into it and lesson plan for the week so I don’t have to stress.  I’ll let you know how that goes tomorrow!

Dreaming Big from the East Coast,


PS I just re-read my post from Sunday and realized that I issued a challenge, to “bringing it on” ….I guess I got what I asked for…hummmm, I want a million dollars, I want a million dollars, I want a million dollars…I’ll let you know how THAT one works!!

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2 Responses to do you ever just have one of those days?

  1. oreneta says:

    Ended with a good sense of humour there, you must be holding out anyway! Some days are just like that….urgh, think of beaches and sunshine. Insurance is weird, I had to maintain insurance on my parent’s place even though I never live there for some weird reason or other, though I think I found a more sympathetic agent than you did.

    • Break Free says:

      my sense of humor is all I have right now!!! LOL! actually the day is looking up, the GG’s nephew just called and offered to come and help me load my car….OFFERED can you believe it?!? I feel the day getting better already!! I’m sure tomorrow’s post will be more positive!

      Thinking of beaches and sand usually does it for me but in this case it just makes me think about the cottage and the insurance … and well you get the picture….If I get that million bucks I’m getting on a plane and landing on your doorstep…just so you know! xo

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