WAY better day…..

I woke this morning to the mournful sounds of the harbour fog horn and the mourning doves in my court yard.  Now, there is just an annoying bird chirping, loudly, but still, better than the “usual” alarm.  Tuesday was a much better day.  I had my doubts, finding “cat presents” in the living room, whomever said that cats are “adaptable” obviously never lived with my two.  By 930am, a friend had called to tell me about an insurance company that will cover my seasonal place with no extra policy, that is still working itself out.

I had a call from the GG’s nephews / My friends son’s, offering, yes OFFERING to come and help me with moving, they even walked to my place in the pouring rain.  They helped me move  the cottage pile down to the car and pack it and put a really heavy mirror into it’s packing box.  They were fully expecting to move boxes and furniture and were surprised to find out that I have guys coming thursday AM to load the van and take it away.

I took them out for pizza and beer to thank them for their help, they have NO idea how much it meant to me.  Purely selfish since it was just really nice to have someone to talk to, (other than the ladies), and to eat with.

I also had a chat with the accountants and the horrendous tax bill has now been reduced to a refund, (yeah!!) which will probably pay for the accountants invoice, that’s usually how it works, but hey, I’m fine with breaking even, it’s completely worth it.   The only thing still up in the air from Monday is the insurance, but I have a good feeling it will work itself out to my satisfaction. I’m also waiting on that million dollars, the refund wasn’t that good.

I am completely exhausted and my ears have been hurting for the past few days, that either means I’ve had to much sugar or I’m getting sick, I’m really hoping it’s not the latter.  I’m going to try to sleep as much as I can for the next few days.  Stress can bring on so much stuff.

Everything is almost packed, I ran out of boxes to put the lamp shades in and the “topper” for my bed, I still have to take down my curtains and the rod and find a box to put my cart and step stool in. All the odds and ends.

Also, I’m not sure what to do about a situation that’s bothering me, so please, if you have an opinion let me know.  I’m moving out early, my decision since I need to get the girls settled at the cottage before I head back to Halifax for 3 days of work.  My landlady has told the new tenants that since the place is empty that they can move in on the saturday night – that’s 3 days early, but she’s not offering to pay me for the 3 days…should I ask for that money back? or should I just let this go?  She really doesn’t have the right to allow them to move in early since I’m paid up until the 30th of April but if I give her my keys back does that mean I’m abdicating that money?

I haven’t moved around a lot so I’m not sure what to do in this situation.  I couldn’t arrange to have the power transferred until the 1st of May so they’ll not only get my rent time but me paying for their power.  I could really use advice on what is acceptable and whether it’s worth raising a fuss about the 3 days of rent or not. I have to admit it pisses me off that she didn’t ask me if this would be ok, that she assumed it’s the principle. What if I decide to stay a few extra days? Which at the moment is a possibility.  HELP!

I have a full day of school today so I’m off to teach the eager young minds of our industry (scary).  Today’s topics? A talk by one of the helpful young GG nephew’s on his recent photography show (yeah, someone else gets to talk for most of the class!), “Branding yourself” and “Advanced Post Production”, basically trying to explain to the engineers what happens before the reels get to them and where they go after they’re finished with them, I’m stretching that into 2 classes.  Should be fun.

Dreaming Big from the East Coast,


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3 Responses to WAY better day…..

  1. oreneta says:

    I would let it ride, but make sure she inspects the place and gives you back your deposit BEFORE they go in, so you are clear who did any damage if damage is done, and I’d push to have the money, not hard, but push…..If you give her they keys, generally she can let them in…..If you don’t want to do so, or don’t want them on your gas bill, hang on to the keys till the last day and go back to Halifax (will their hydro bill be more than the gas you burn?) and give them to her then, just politely tell her that you’d like the chance to clean and go in once it’s empty and check that everythings out, you have every right in the world to do so. Do tell her fast though cause the new tenants will be booking vans etc……

    OH, and YEAH on the refund!!!!

  2. Sheila says:

    Would be interesting to know if the landlady intends to charge the new tenants for the extra few days??? Obviously the situation bothers you enough to write about it….I am not so sure your lease would allow for any rent adjustment but you certainly have the rights to the premises until the end of the month. Canadians have a reputation for being too nice…and are even ridiculed about it. Don’t let her take advantage of you, speak up and politely but firmly let her know that most of your belongings are going into storage, you will be completing last minute details over the weekend and will return the keys to her on the 30th. Note also – I believe you are entitled to interest on your deposit.

  3. Christine says:

    I would tell her politely that you have some loose ends to tie up and will likely be in and out over the weekend. You could also tell her about the hydro and just say that you’re not comfortable with someone else being there while you’re still responsible for the bills. I don’t blame you for being pissed, I would be too. Good luck!

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