Finally arrived!

Moving day….what can I really say but moving sucks!  Even with the fantastic movers I had who handled everything (including me!) so well.  The place is empty now, just my air mattress, a lamp the girls and I.

Empty Apartment

Last day - empty apartment

I have to quickly clean the kitchen and bathroom, load my car, load the girls, return the modem, meet with my landlady to give back the keys and get my security deposit back then head out to PEI.

This morning it was pouring and really foggy, just miserable, when I got out of bed Prairie crawled back in and I’m pretty sure hasn’t come out all day, wouldn’t even come out for breakfast.  On my way home from school the sun was trying to come out from behind the clouds and I could have sworn that I saw blue sky at some point. I think I’m good to drive.

Bedroom with air mattress and Prairie buried in there somewhere

Empty Bedroom w/ air mattress and Prairie buried in there somewhere!

We’ll probably arrive late tonight, but we’ll have furniture and beds. We’ll wake up to the sounds of the birds and ocean, and hopefully sunshine, I’m looking forward to it.

It seems like such a long time since we’ve been there, in our little blue cottage on the ocean.   I closed it at the beginning of November so it’s been 6 months.  I won’t have any internet for a while.  Until I can get the hard cable line arranged, no posts from the cottage, unless I pop into town and happen upon the McDonalds with the free wi-fi.  Probably won’t be any posts until mid week next week.

Then there will be “cottage posts” and pictures, which are always fun, at least for me.

Dreaming Big from the East Coast,


Tabitha ready to go to the cottage

Tabitha ready to go to the cottage.

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