waiting for my ship to come in…..

Yesterday, I arrived very early for the ferry that takes me back to Halifax.   May 1st is the 1st day of its season and I grossly over estimated how long my errands would take.  The ship (boat?), the Holiday Island, takes about an hour and half to do the crossing from Wood Islands PEI to Caribou/Pictou NS.

I decided to leave the girls to their own devices. I’m not sure how wise it will be but for some reason they seem to be happier when it’s just them and bowls of water and kibble. I’m sure Tabitha is plotting my demise as I type.  At least they have sun patches and the birds to watch.

As I mentioned briefly in my sunday post, it snowed in PEI on saturday.  Not heavy just flakes but SNOW! Yuck! It’s been sunny but cold and I certainly don’t have enough warm clothes for this weather so a trip to the wonderful Value Village before I head back this weekend is in the future.

I  managed to get the 4 trees cleared away that had fallen down, one had just bent in the wind so it was sideways I felt very bad about cutting that one down since it wasn’t damaged, just in the way. The others were old and dried out, thankfully since that made them much easier to cut and drag away.  As it is I have a huge bruise on my forearm and a huge bruise on  my thigh.  The hazzards of owning a cottage.

All in all it was wonderful to be back.  Even if the wind is blowing cold, it’s sunny and the ocean is beautiful with the sparkling light bouncing off the waves.  Lobster season began yesterday as well, delayed by 1 day because of the wind, our end of the island always is first with the may to june stretch, then the other side, at the end of July.  It was fun to see all the activity in the bay in the morning, the mussel guys have their boats out and they’re tending to the beds.  The lobster guys were going back and forth all morning getting the traps out.  Business as usual.

The drive back into Halifax was uneventful and my friend’s place had been very welcoming.  It’s going to take a while to get into this routine but I think it’s going to work out very well.

Dreaming Big from the East Coast,


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4 Responses to waiting for my ship to come in…..

  1. hobbyjunkies says:

    you’re my hero, cutting down trees??? wowza..

  2. oreneta says:

    Glad it is working out and you are getting used to the process, gradually. Is there anyone who will look in on the girls? Though I am certain they will be fine, they are cats.

    • Break Free says:

      I do have a friend on the island right now but I thought I’d give them the chance to be by them selves and see how that works out…like I said I’m sure Tabitha is plotting my revenge as I type! LOL!

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