In transit…

I’ve settled into my friends place.  It’s so incredibly nice of them to let me stay here while I’m in town.  It makes my life much easier that I don’t have to worry about where I’ll be when I arrive in Halifax.  It’s been a little weird this week, not having MY place to come back to but also a little freeing.

Yesterday morning I arrived for my 830am class, all set to teach and mold the young impressionable minds (you’re hearing the dry wit right?) and only 1 student showed up.  Causing me to cancel the class (that student gets extra points!).  This is the 2nd time this has happened with this particular class, I’m not impressed with them.  Although it did give me time to test drive a new car.

My lease on my car is up at the end of June and I need to make some decisions about what’s going to happen.  Will I buy out the car? try to re-lease it? or just get a new one? Until I get the numbers for the 1st two options I thought I’d test drive a few others to see what else is out there and how much it would be.

Car shopping is a strange thing, almost like naming a kid.  EVERYONE has an opinion on the car, NO ONE can believe you’re considering that car (or that name) and they all have a friend who have or had one of those and the list of trouble/praise comes tumbling out.  Unlike when you name a child,  you can’t really keep the information to yourself, unless you don’t tell people that you’re looking.

I don’t really think that anyone is completely happy with their cars.  I LOVE my current one, however it seems to costs about $400 every time it rolls in for a service check, and it ONLY takes premium gas, I don’t love that part.  It’s reliable and comfortable and I love the drive – I guess I’ll be busting out the pro and con lists this weekend.  This is also one of those times I’m missing my Ex since he was the research bunny and would probably have the right answer.

The rest of my life seems to be on hold for the moment.  I hate it when things are paused, I am a woman of action, I like to get things done, I like to have problems solved and dealt with BEFORE they become problems.  However, somethings just don’t work that way in life.  Things can be out of your control and I have to learn that patience is something I’m still dealing with.  Boy, it’s frustrating! I guess if I just leave these other things to their own devices they will solve themselves, but it’s so tempting to get in there and just deal with it.

I know that if you leave something long enough, walk away from it, that it will eventually thrive and come back or just die and the problem will be solved one way or another.  I guess if I just have enough self restraint to let it work itself out and not to meddle with it everything will be fine.

Everything is in transition, my house, my car, my life.  I know that change is good, I’ve seen those inspiring picture of the two circles the smaller one “your comfort zone” the larger one “where the magic happens” and I get that and love that.  Sometimes, just sometimes, it would be nice if the magic could just happen in the comfort zone where I’m warm, comfy and have a glass of wine in my hand.

Dreaming Big from the East Coast,


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2 Responses to In transit…

  1. oreneta says:

    Isn’t there some book, Lemonaide or something that is an objective listing of the pros and cons of the cars on the market? Not sure, the red book maybe is another…. That said, I’ve only ever bought one car in my life, so what do I know.

    • Break Free says:

      there probably is – I think I just have to figure out which one has what I want for the price I want….not that hard just have to sit down and do this….. : (

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