Looking forward…or TGIF

Heading home to the island later today, can’t wait!  It’s been a good week, trying to figure out my new routine.  Only having a few days here made me fine tune what is going to work and what isn’t for the next month or so.  As I mentioned, I did get to test drive 1 car, I’m going to have to “up” that if I want to get one in the next century.  I have a few errands to do before I head back today, drop of my duvet to the cleaners and pick up something for a friend, grab my mail if I have time, oh, and teach.  All in all a successful first week of commuting.

I like that I have a purpose to come back each week, it makes me feel like I’m not off by myself lost in the “wilds” of PEI, and it maximizes my time with friends as well.  I’m catching the 615pm ferry back to Wood Islands tonight I should arrive at the cottage around 8ish.  Lots of plans for the weekend. Can’t wait to see the sweet ‘n fuzzies.

It’s time to tackle my drive way.  I think I’ve mentioned that it’s almost a kilometer long?  I get complaints from friends who drive down, that it’s to narrow.  I like that it has that “secret garden” feel to it.  There are bumps in the road, LOTS of bumps in it, and trees and raspberry bushes that drag along your car as you drive slowly down (the main complaint).

In the spring, the apple trees blossom and the flowers fall on the driveway, there is one right at the curve and looks so beautiful.  I love that there is one part of the road that is higher than the rest so when you come over the crest, you are angled to the bay and through the trees all you see is beautiful water.  Later in the summer I’ll put the mosquito tent up and the view will become even more magical.

Alas, the raspberry bushes are invading and do need to be beat back a little, so my goal this  weekend is to rent the heavy duty weed whacker, with the metal blade, and take some of them down.  I  want to get this done before the mosquitoes discover that there is some one there to snack on and before to many of the leaves grow in.  It’s much easier to see the bushes without all the foliage.  It’s still cold on the island so I’m hoping that the small winged vampires are still asleep, however they can be persistent so I’ll be wearing my mosquito armour just in case.

If I have the energy, I’ll put my ladder down to the beach as well.  I didn’t loose as much frontage as I usually do however the cliff seems a little precarious this year, crumbling when you go to close to the edge so I need to find that stable place for the platform and hammer in the stakes.  It’s supposed to rain a few days so that might not happen this weekend.

I’m looking forward to just spending time puttering in the cottage, cleaning things up and settling back into a routine.  Last weekend I saw the eagles, my grouse and a bunny rabbit (rare sighting when the eagles are around).  The beautiful herons are flying about and the northern ganets are “vacationing” in the bay at the moment before heading back towards the cold part of the country.  I’ve down loaded a few things to watch, for the evenings and the rainy days, I have some books to read and music to listen to.  Although I don’t have my wi-fi up and running yet I have a new cell plan that I think will work much better than the last one so I’m not completely out of touch.  There’s always brunch at McDonalds on sunday morning to check emails.  Seems quite civilized.

I’ll try to post later on and let you know how my driveway battle goeth.  Hope you have a great weekend planned.

Dreaming Big from the East Coast,


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2 Responses to Looking forward…or TGIF

  1. oreneta says:

    This does sound utterly fabulous…I can picture you taking this up as a permanent life style! Some winterizing needed…..

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