McDonald’s Wi-Fi

It’s monday and I’m sitting in McDonalds in Charlottetown, I love that for the price of a cup of tea (and a muffin) I can get free wi-fi and I don’t get bothered.  Although a gang of high schoolers just walked in so this might be a very short post!

I came into town to get my hub at the cottage re-instated so hopefully all is well and when I get back to my little blue cottage everything will work and I’ll be able to blog everyday again.

I arrived Friday night around 8pm, just in time to see the beautiful super moon (well a day early).  I sat out on my deck had a drink and watched the moon travel across the indigo sky and listened to the waves lapping against the shore, the bay was so calm.  I was hoping to see it in all it’s glory on Saturday night but it was foggy and cloudy all day and there was no break in the weather.  Friday was the opportunity, I’m glad I had the chance to take it.

Saturday I tackled the driveway, along with help from my friend Noella.  You can now drive down the drive way without having the raspberry bushes reach out and grab you….of course that works both ways, you can’t reach out and pick raspberries from the car window now.

It’s been a wonderful quiet weekend, which is very good since I think I’ve caught the flu from the students at school.  It’s been going around.  I’m taking it easy and just puttering around getting things done.

Next stop is Value Village for a few sweatshirts, it’s still pretty chilly here and I don’t have any warmer clothes, although it’s going to reach 15 tomorrow and they’ve been promising sun, so we’ll see.  Back to Halifax tomorrow night on the 430 ferry, 3 manic days of school, car shopping and getting things done that I need to do in that city, before getting back on the 615 ferry friday night and a beautiful weekend.

Sorry it’s a short post but I promise to get back on the long winded ones as soon as the “hub” is up and running.

Dreaming Big from the East Coast,


PS I did have a few “gifts” left for me, but all in all the girls seemed quite happy to see me and no worse for wear for being left alone.

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2 Responses to McDonald’s Wi-Fi

  1. oreneta says:

    YEAH!!!! Here’s to four day weekends every week!

    • Break Free says:

      There is something very good about that!! LOL! and June it gets even better where I only have to work 1 day a week for 2 weeks….bliss! I’m here for most of the month full time….just me and 2000 mosquitoes!! LOL! : )

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