Unexpected surprise

Yesterday went much better than I thought it would.  A very pleasant surprise.  I managed to navigate my way to and from school on the bus (in the pouring rain).  I found how to get to Costco from my friends place (always important).  The students had me in stitches for most of the day and that was my tough one.  Now I’m really looking forward to today.

Presentations this morning in BOB and then a few hours off to run errands, then my last class today we’re going to see the Avengers.  Yup, I’ve finally done it, I’ve managed to use a  superhero movie for a PDP class…I have even impressed myself this time. I have the assignment all planned out and sent to them, perfect!

One more day ’til I’m home with my sweet ‘n fuzzies.  Mixed emotions about going back this weekend.  There are a few things in town I’d like to do over the weekend and part of me is having a full out temper tantrum that I’m not staying to do them, the other part – the bigger one realizes that a) I have to get back to the girls and b) I don’t need to do these things as much as I think I do.  That it’s actually a good thing for me NOT to do these activities and in the long run it will be better for me.  I just re-read that paragraph and it sounds like I’m doing something illegal, I’m not, just bad for me.

Do you ever do something that you KNOW is bad for you but you do it anyway? I think we ALL do this on a daily basis, starting with chocolate and working our way up to the more serious things.  I was told a few weeks ago, (I had  a tarot card reading just before my birthday), that I needed to listen to my instincts more, that I was using my “logical” side before my “instinct” side and I had to stop doing this.  My problem is I don’t trust my instincts right now. This internal argument is going on and I’m trying to stick to my decisions, however, I’m not sure if they’re instinctual or logical.  You see my dilemma?  Pretty heavy stuff for 530 in the morning.

I’m sticking to my commuting plans.  I’m going to school and teaching when I’m in town and then when friday rolls around I head for the ferry.  When I’m in town I do the things I need to do, a little extra and then I leave.  Until July this will be my life, I guess when I move back into town the other things will have solved themselves and I can stop worrying about them.  Sounds like a good plan right?

WRONG! I need to get in there and FIX these things! I need to make sure they all work out and that nothing goes wrong, I need to stop the problems BEFORE they happen…..sigh, I need to leave them alone…..and let them solve themselves….there is NOTHING I can do about them and pushing seems to make it worse…..AH!  Another life lesson learned, another lesson in patience….I HATE being patient, have I mention this?

One step at a time (or as I’ve rephrased it this month) One crisis at a time…..teach, car, apartment, new job…..LIFE…in that order.

Today it’s teach, car, errands, teach (at movie), gallery opening and dinner with Mary then back to my friends to sleep then on to tomorrow. One step at time.  Well there’s always the unexpected to look forward to.

Dreaming Big from the East Coast,


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