Great Day!!

Thursday was a great day.  It rained all day here and was really foggy, I was 10 minutes late for class and spent way to much money on food throughout the day.

BUT I dropped my wallet on the driveway, at the back of my car the night before, my friend found it intact but very wet at 630 in the morning lying in the rain. The guys in my BOB class totally rocked their presentations, surprising me completely, they may have even had fun doing them.  I test drove a car that actually might be the next one for me, I liked it and it’s in my budget(ish). The 3D class I teach had a field trip to see The Avengers and it rocked! We had such a great time. Loved the movie it was exactly what I needed.  I went to a photography opening, saw some beautiful images of Peru, and had a wonderful (but expensive) dinner with a friend and caught up.

With the exception of the cost of my dinner, it was a wonderful day.  I LOVE it when the day just moves from one amazing thing to another, it makes you feel like everything in your life will be fine.  Enough that the little things stop bothering you, like the fact that I’m writing this post at 10 to 4 in the morning, sigh, hate not being able to sleep.  But tonight I’ll be back in my own bed with the sweet ‘n fuzzies cuddled up purring away, something to look forward to.

Yes, once again it’s friday and I’m off to the island, I can’t wait.  My inner self is still having a bit of a tantrum about not being able to do somethings this weekend here in Halifax but the other part of me is being fairly successful about smothering it.  I need to do some more exercise, all this eating out is starting to make me feel fat again, I haven’t been on a good walk in about 2 weeks so this weekend I’m going to have to find the trails around Cardigan and get on them and it’s back to yoga, especially since I figured out I can stream at the cottage so that means I can use my website everyday.

I have loads of school work to do over the weekend, it’s gonna be busy for that and I want to get my ladder down to the beach so that will mean a trip into town to buy stakes then about an hour of hard labour while I get it installed.  I need to walk my bins up the lane so I can get rid of my garbage.  The GG brought them down last fall  in his truck, but they’re not opening the cottage for another 2 weeks so I have a choice, walk them up the drive way to use now or wait til the guys open the cottage and they drive them up to the top for me. I guess it will depend on how lazy I feel. The bins are big and the road is long!

I think it’s going to be a great weekend, whatever I decide to do, I’ll be in my little blue cottage, right there, that’s the best thing ever.

Dreaming Big from the East Coast,


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2 Responses to Great Day!!

  1. oreneta says:

    Well that is just hugely fantastic! Glad you had such an utterly wonderful day! Say high to the girls for me, m’kay?

    • Break Free says:

      They’re currently in my “naughty” books…Private (Tabitha) might not make it through the summer…came home to various “gifts” and am still trying to hunt down 1 of them…I need a dog in here…they ALWAYS find the gifts I miss!! LOL! I’ll give them a small cuddle for you later on! LOL! Good luck tomorrow…can’t wait to hear all about it…. xo

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