Lazy sunday morning, Mothers Day.

Tabitha enjoying the sun

Tabitha enjoying a large sun patch on a lazy sunday morning.

It’s sunday, and Mothers Day in North America.  Happy Mothers Day to all Moms!

It is an absolutely beautiful today, the sun is shinning, the wind coming off the bay is warm(ish) and the birds are all out singing and playing.  Tabitha has found a large sun patch to hang out in and get her vitamin “D”, Prairie is in her usual place, under the covers in the bed.  I’m doing school work thinking that I will take a break and go for a walk on the beach soon.

I had a great day on friday and did something I haven’t done since moving to Halifax, I went for a walk in the Public Gardens.  In the middle of downtown Halifax (for those of you who have never been here) is a large public garden, only open for a few months a year, I think it opened the beginning of May and will close again in November.  In previous visits here I always took a spin through the park. The last time I was here as a tourist, was days before Hurricane Juan hit and the 2 big spruce trees that “guarded” the entrance to the park were still standing.  They came down in the storm, as did so many other beautiful trees in this city.  I’ve been here over a year and haven’t been back in, so friday, I found myself in the neighbourhood and decided to take a walk in the sun, through the tulips.

The music gazebo in the Public Gardens.

The gazebo in the middle of the public gardens

The big geese that live in the park were back in their ponds, there is a small Titanic replica floating in the middle of the bigger pond and this beautiful gazebo, where I think they have music concerts in the summer time.  The park was full of tulips and daffodils.  The bed in the very front of this picture has 3 different colours of hyacinths, they smelled wonderful.   As you can see it’s a little early for the trees to have leaves but they’re trying, in a few weeks this park will be full of everything in bloom and people strolling through and enjoying the flowers, and the birds that live here.

This was one weekend that I would have loved to have stayed in town, there was so much going on, but it’s always an internal debate of what to do and where to be and of course the cottage always wins out.  Yesterday, my friend and I went to explore some of the walking/biking trails here.  Years ago the province changed all the train rails to walking paths (a mistake in my opinion since there is no public transportation on this island and they could have used the train rails as a step to that) but the benefit to having the tracks removed is that there are these trails all over the island.   Off we went.  We didn’t go for a long walk, or a fast one but it’s given me a feel for where the trails lead.  It’s 8kms to Georgetown so I’m going to try that one weekend, of course that means it’s 8kms back as well so I’m going to have to think that one through.

After our walk we stopped into a local restaurant, The Cape Light, that over looks the Cardigan marina, we sat on the deck and had some seafood chowder (really good) and enjoyed the sun, until the thunder clouds rolled in.

It really is amazing here and it’s very hard to stay focused on doing the work I need to finish while the sun is out shinning, all I want to do is be outside, playing.  Maybe that’s exactly what I’ll do, I think it’s time for that walk on the beach.  I hope you’re having a wonderful Mothers / Sunday.

Dreaming Big from the East Coast,


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5 Responses to Lazy sunday morning, Mothers Day.

  1. Nikki says:

    WOW! The Public gardens look the same as when we were last there nearly 21 years ago! Good to see not everything changes. We used to love our early morning walks there after breakfast at the Lord Nelson where we stayed. Halifax is a beautiful city!

  2. oreneta says:

    That sounds like a lovely walk! Is there a good restaurant or cafe at the turn around? That would be ideal wouldn’t it. A break and you don’t have to carry food!

    • Break Free says:

      There is a couple of little places….that’s a great idea, thanks that might make me feel better about trying out something that “big” I think the longest I’ve done is 8K. I can also buy water there so that would be good as well.

      • oreneta says:

        You should carry a bit, just in case…..a little something high energy and something salty… never knows. No?

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