It has been a crazy week and I haven’t had a spare moment to write a post.  The next two weeks at school are extremely busy.  Five of my classes are 7 week classes and are all ending this week and next.  I am a flurry of marking, coercing and explaining to students about their assignments.   I love how they’re always confused that they can’t re-take that quiz or presentation they missed – even though it clearly states it in the class notes that I give out on the first day.

I’m enjoying teaching it’s a lot of fun but sometimes you wonder how Darwin’s Theory didn’t weed out some people before they had kids.  Perhaps it’s what they’re being taught before they get to me but it seems there is no common sense or sense of responsibility.

They are consistently surprised, when reminded that the teachers in this school are still in the industry and can recommend students for jobs.  I was telling one of my Audio Engineering classes how you need to remember this fact and that only the month before, I had recommended 3 Photography students for work (which they got).  One student listening to my story, who I’ve taught for 3 semesters and has yet to make it to class on time, (he usually wanders in 40 minutes to an hour late), said “Great! get us a job then”.  He was surprised when I shot back “why in the world would I recommend  you for a job? you never show up on time, don’t hand in your work and joke around all through class”.  He’s been showing up to class 15-20 minutes late these days, maybe by the time he graduates in October he’ll be on time for class.

It seems that although they’ve been told that they’re not going to be handed a job at the end of the school, they don’t seem to understand.  They seem to know this because we’ve been telling them but it’s just dawning on some of them that this is actually true.  This isn’t all of the students but it is quite a number of them, and strangely enough it’s mainly the Film and Audio Engineers who seem to have the huge chip on their shoulders.

The current class of AE’s I’m teaching Career Management to have now woken up to the fact that they do indeed need a resume.  I wasn’t going to go over resumes in my class since they’ve had them shoved down their throats for the past 6 months in 2 different PDP classes I figured they had a handle on the resume thing.  Until, one of the students asked me to check out his resume.  Well, at least I had what to teach for the next class all sorted out.

I realize that we were like this as well at their age.  Full of knowing everything, thinking that things that are being taught are “out of date”, “silly” and just plain “dumb”, thinking that the teachers don’t know what they’re talking about.  However lately it seems like there is no basic manners or respect given.  I am continually amazed how the students seem to think it’s ok to tell  me that they don’t like me or blatantly talk or use ear phones and listen to music in these classes.  It is their money so if they don’t want to listen in class that is fine with me I’m not the police, but it just seems like such a waste of time and effort on both my and their part.  I treat them like adults but it’s tough because even though they are theoretically this, they aren’t really, they just think they are.

In this swamp of students there are the ones that shine that do (aside from the pay cheque) keep me coming back.  The 3D students are always amazing and I have a great time with them and for the most part the AE’s are great as well (there was that one class last semester), past film classes have been wonderful (except for that one class last semester – seeing the pattern?) and the digital photographers are for the most part, really great.  I have fun with these people, I learn from them as well, I now can talk intelligently about gaming and photography, or at least understand what they’re speaking about…..sometimes!

I’ve had a lot of fun this past week, I’ve tried to fill the classes with field trips that I can relate back to PDP – it’s been fun since 2 of the classes have been to see the Avengers (3D version today!) and we’re heading to the Museum of Natural History today for a display of movie costumes (marketing & branding anyone?) then I’m off to the ferry and the weekend with my girls.

Now you know how my week was and why you haven’t heard from me, well I’m off to the Museum now, I’ll give you a report on how that goes later on.

Dreaming Big from the East Coast,


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One Response to Slacking…

  1. oreneta says:

    Students are, sometimes, quite amazing aren’t they…..I could have written a similar post without a problem! Not boring anyway. There is that. Have a lovely weekend at the cottage!

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