At the beach

It’s sunday morning, I’m sitting on my deck with the sun in my eyes while I type this.  The bay is calm this morning the air is still cool (we had a chance of frost last night) Ella is singing “springtime” in the background and a huge heron just flew overhead, quite peaceful and perfect.

I have work to do today, both school and stuff around the cottage.  I still haven’t put my ladder down to the beach.   I’m going to try to stop procrastinating about that today or tomorrow.  I want to get the frame up for the mosquito tent but that might have to wait until next weekend as I want to give it a quick spray of rust inhibiting paint.

Last night, I had dinner with some neighbour gals, it was originally planned but then cancelled then replanned at 5pm.  My friend Ruth, who had issued the original invite, has had a rough week having to make the tough decision of letting go of her 16 1/2 year old dog, Jenny.  Who the GG calls “the legend on the beach”.  She was the 1st one to greet us on the beach each summer, barking when Ruth would stop and chat for to long, or demanding we throw rocks into the waves for her to retrieve (she always managed to bring the right one back).  Her sweet face and lovely disposition will be greatly missed.

The 4 of us had a wonderful dinner, sending a “cheers to Jenny”.  The other two ladies brought their dogs so it was Barb and her guys, Jack & Tank, and Sue and her Sarah.  Ruth has two cats that added to the mixture, George & Stephanie.  My little gals stayed home.  It was pretty great.  We all contrubuted to the meal and had a feast!

I drove home (since the tide was coming in and it would have been very hard to navigate the point with all the rocks in the dark) full, happy feeling very very satisfied that my life is on the right track, even though I have no idea what track that is.  I love that I’ve made such great friends here.

I unpacked a few things this morning that I had forgotten about and put them up on the walls, decided that I need a sign that says “at the beach” I have a rock by the ladder platform that I plan to write this on, I just haven’t done it yet….maybe I’ll do it this weekend a little inspiration to get the damn ladder down!

All in all a very peaceful morning and weekend, beautiful.  I think it’s going to be a wonderful summer, I have plans which I’ll keep you posted on (pun intended) and lots of pictures to follow.

Have a wonderful long weekend,

Dreaming Big from the East Coast,


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2 Responses to At the beach

  1. oreneta says:

    Sounds heavenly! I could do with a slice of that right about now. Wonderful

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