Fat bay

The bay this morning is “fat”.  It’s the only way I know how to describe it, it seems fuller like the water is going to just pour out of its container.  There is a warmish breeze and the mussel guys are out.  It isn’t a holiday here, it must be the only place in Canada that they don’t celebrate Victoria Day.  Although, there were fireworks last night in Georgetown, I caught some of the higher ones above the tree line and could hear the popping of the lower ones.

The waves are doing a great imitation of a “real” ocean today, crashing against the beach and the tide is working its way out so I’ll be able to go for a walk later on.  I’m back to my regular 3-4 times a day walk on the beach, I still haven’t managed to get yoga back into my repitoire but next week when my teaching is down to 1 day a week I’ll be able to concentrate on the rest of my life.

On one of my descents to the beach, I found a robin’s egg.  It’s been so long since I’ve seen one I almost didn’t realize what it was, this pretty blue egg sitting on the ground.  It was in perfect condition the parents must have pushed it out of the nest, the tree it’s  under is at least 50′ tall.  I was on my way down to the beach to meet my friends Barb & Ruth and the dogs (extra one yesterday, Sam, it was a little confusing).  The egg hadn’t been there on my way down an hour before so it was still “fresh”.   Ruth took it home to put under one of her hens to see if it would hatch and baring that to keep the hen from laying eggs for the next few weeks while she’s away.   We might have a baby robin in a few weeks, that would be cute, although I suspect the parents pushed it out for a reason.

I woke up quite a number of times last night, I’ve been sleeping fairly well these days but last night wasn’t one of them. I found myself sitting out side in the cold night air gazing at the stars more than once.  For the 1st time this year I saw the milky way, not sure why it has taken me that long to see but last night it was there, a large swath of stars across the black sky.  Star gazing out here can make you feel so small and also make you realize that all your problems are really not that important, we’re such a blip in the grand scheme of things.  The ocean will go on, the stars will go on long after we’re gone.   A little deep for 3am in the morning but isn’t that always the case?

If you haven’t guessed I love being here, there is something so calming about the bay, even when it’s not calm.  However, I look forward to going back to the city as well and my life there.  Over the next week I need to give a big push to settling my life back in the city, the car, the place to live, then I can relax and just be here, gazing at the “fat” bay.

Dreaming Big from the East Coast,


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6 Responses to Fat bay

  1. Sheila says:

    it isn’t Victoria Day here either :-)~

    • Break Free says:

      Nope you’re correct but you get Memorial day NEXT weekend!! nice try!! LOL! ; )

      • Sheila says:

        True – but memorial day is not a celebration, it is a recognition of sacrifice and military service and carries a sombre tone…Interesting though is, how holidays are treated here – no such thing as STATUTORY and they are completely at the discretion of the business/employer – capitalism RULES 🙂

      • Break Free says:

        it’s beginning to here as well, I don’t think it’s a stat anymore..and I think stat only applies to govn’t jobs now…sigh, just what everyone needs more time to work…whatever happened to “computers will take over and give us more leisure time”? I seem to remember something about that in school.

  2. oreneta says:

    A fat bay sounds like a lovely bay….walking the beach must be a dream, hmmm, I can do that here too, something I should get my butt down and do!

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