little winged vampires

It’s that time again, yesterday was beautiful here, warm winds, (lots of wind), sunshine all day, highs in the low twenties, the water in the bay was still chilly but walking on the beach was wonderful, a simply marvelous day.  Of course, because of all that lovely weather, the little winged vampires have arrived.

It’s just before 9am, I’ve been up for awhile, did a load of laundry, the “cottage” playlist is on in the background, the dishwasher is going, I’m planning exactly what I need to accomplish before leaving later on today.   I decided to begin with my blog.  I’m outside on the deck drinking a cup of tea and before I even had a chance to sit down there were 3 of the blood suckers floating around me.  I pulled out my trusty summer perfume and doused myself before having a seat.  Ah! the smell of summer!  Who needs that fancy expensive scent when you can go to the Superstore (Loblaws), Shoppers or your local Home Hardware and pick up a bottle of  Off Summer Splash for $7 bucks?  Actually, I remember when it didn’t smell that nice so I’m really glad that they did make it smell a little better.

This is always the hard day, I still have a ton of school work to do, next semester I really have to stick to the  “can’t hand in the assignments late” clause I put in to my class syllabus it creates way to much stress for me at the very end of the semester.  I figured out a way to  get the platform done before I go but it will take me a about an hour of hard work so I’ll have to get on that before these creatures realize that I’m sweating my “perfume” off.  I’ll have to pack and then break it to the little gals that I have to leave again for a few days. That’s the hardest part.   I’m looking forward to being back in the city but it will be nice when everything is settled and it’s a more organized retreat.

Next weekend the mosquito tent will have to go up.  It doesn’t take long to do, once the parts of the frame are out the hardest part is getting the frame of the roof up it’s a careful balance of rods that just slip into parts and use force to keep them together, and the wire system devised to keep the frame from blowing apart at the slightest gust.

mosquito tent without roof

Mosquito tent without roof so you can see the frame

Here you can see the tent frame with the curtains pulled back.  The tent roof acts like a sail on the really windy days and if you keep the tent closed the screens act like walls and blow the whole thing down.  It requires a bit of time throughout the summer but when it gets really windy I take the top of the tent down and tie the curtains to the frame, like the picture.  In the dusk and 1st thing in the morning it is a life saver here.  We can sit in here at night and have a drink before dinner, in some cases we can have dinner cooking on the BBQ and one brave soul covered in bug dope can move from the protected tent area to the food.  They stay all summer, being marsh mosquitoes, unlike the ones in Ontario that I grew up with at the 1st sign of heat they’re gone, these ones hang on to october and the 1st frost of the season.

They get bored of us in time and eventually they leave us alone.  The tent becomes a place to read in the shade, my yoga platform or for entertaining in the evening.  Because of the careful maintenance I do with the tent, this will be it’s 3rd season and baring any technical difficulties I plan to keep it as long as possible.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’d like to give it a quick coat of rust inhibiting paint so that’s next weekends project.  After all, I need something to fight off the vampires there are no wolves on the Sandbar.

Dreaming Big from the East Coast,


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2 Responses to little winged vampires

  1. oreneta says:

    Rotten things, those little vampires… you get all the various biting flies too?

    • Break Free says:

      yup we get em all!! I’ve been ignoring the black flies – they haven’t been that bad (until 3am when the bites on my toes that I missed w/ bug dope surface!) they’re on the way out, and the horse flies will start up in august but they’re not that smart and can be hit w/ a well aimed flip flop! it’s the damn mosquitoes that can drive you really nuts! : )

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