Whirlwind weekend

Saturday morning they arrived.  The NEIGHBOURS.  Here to open their cottage (this would be the GG and some of his family).  Like a wind they blew in and blew out fast – if it wasn’t for the fact that there are several empty bottles on my back deck, an almost empty beer case, every dish in my house in the dishwasher and the grass next door has been mowed, I would have thought I imagined it all.

I was busy doing school work, saturday started out as a warm but gray day when I heard the car doors slamming and the buzz of a chain saw.   A few minutes later a “Hello Neighbour” was called out and the 1st of the family came to say hi,  and to get water so they could prime the pump.  As we talked, a few other family members strolled over to say hi and the buzz of the chain saw was joined with the roar of the lawn mower.  The ground crew was hard at work.

I ended up helping out, we put up the rods for the curtains in the little cottage,  (took us 2 1/2 hours and a little spackle),  hosted the 7 of us for dinner, ’cause it was looking like the pump might not work.  In the end, one of the recently graduated Engineers in the family, tore it apart cleaned it out and put it back together.  He must be a hell of a chemical engineer ’cause mechanical isn’t even his speciallity and that pump is purring now.

My stairs were put in thanks to the abundance of nephew help this year, the GG and one of the other aforementioned recently graduated engineers,  did a fabulous job and put my ladder down (then gave me a hard time because I usually just use the stairs at their place anyway).  We sat and talked til the wee hours of the morning enjoying the company and the familiarity of the cottage opening traditions.

The GG, the crazy guy that he is, did his usual open the cottage swim in the bay, and as our  tradition has become, I go down to the beach with him.  I don’t swim, ’cause that water is COLD right now but I go to stand in the water at knee height and tell him he’s crazy. I can’t even feel my toes at this point and he’s actually in the water….playing in it! Yesterday, there had been a small rain shower just before we went down to the beach and there was a double rainbow stretching over the bay and over Boughton island.  Perfect moment.

Woke up this morning to beautiful sun but chilly wind, a few early morning brave souls appeared on my deck for a chat then one by one wandered away to start packing up their things for the trip back to Nova Scotia.  I went for a walk on the beach, well more of a hobble on the beach, (I twisted my ankle and it’s very bruised & swollen) when I arrived back at the stairs I could hear the GG playing his guitar on the deck of the little cottage.  I sat at the bottom of the stairs and watched the bay and the gentle roll of the waves and listened to him play, sitting there it was completely perfect and just the beginning of the summers beautiful moments.

All good things come to an end and before I knew it I was hugging people good bye and waving them up the drive way on their way to catch the ferry.  I sat on the deck in the sun wondering what just happened.  The bustling busy pace of the last day, has been returned to the quiet.   You can almost hear the cottages sigh in happiness, as they realize that it’s summer again and soon there will be the sounds of laughter, music, the sizzle of the BBQ.  But for now, the wind is cold, I have the heaters on, the cats are purring and snuggling and Stacey Kent is singing my favorite song “Under a Blanket of Blue”.  Soon very soon…..

Dreaming Big from the East Coast


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    That sounds just lovely!!!!!!!

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