along came monday…..

I admit it, I’ve spent the entire day outside sitting in the sun.  I was working but it somehow doesn’t seem like work when there is sunshine and the ocean.  It still has that edge of cool here, I was in shorts and a tank top but my hoodie was near by.  My ankle is feeling much better today, I iced it for a few hours yesterday and kept it elevated.  It has a lovely green purple bruise on one side and a darker brownish one on the other.  I managed to go for a walk on the beach and made sure it was in the water, the salt always cures everything.

It’s been quite here today, nothing extraordinary to tell  you about, this is why you don’t get posts everyday when I’m here, how often can I tell  you it’s beautiful weather and the bay is wonderful and the birds are amazing?…you’d get so tired of hearing about that.  The only unusual thing that happened is that one of the mussel guys got a little cocky and cruised by my place about 200 yards off shore….lots of guts that guy has since it’s only about 15 feet deep where he was.  I kept expecting him to hit something but then I realized that there isn’t anything there for  him to hit.

Heading back to the city tomorrow.  Only teaching for 1 day this week, but I need to get the car stuff worked out for good.  Next week it’s the apartment search…sigh the next obsession!

Dreaming Big from the East Coast


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2 Responses to along came monday…..

  1. oreneta says:

    I don’t know, I think I could hear about the sunshine and the ocean and the birds pretty darned often!

    • Break Free says:

      Glad to hear that since it will be the topic of conversation for the next little while, along with other scintillating verses, “my new car”, “where am I going to live?” and “yoga, how much it hurts when you go back to it after a long break” LOL! : )

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