then there was Tuesday

I love the mornings where nothing goes the way you’ve planned  but it turns out better that you could have ever imagined.  Today has been one of those days.  It started out grey and cold, as a matter of fact the island will get quite a bit of rain over the next 3 days and the weekend is supposed to be wonderful.

I had resigned myself to doing school work this morning, it seems to be the bain of my existence these days which is not a good thing, but I have to do lesson plans for Career Management and Media Communications for the last 3 weeks of the course.  I was eating my breakfast catching up on the blogs and emails when my friend Ruth appeared at my door wanting to go for a walk on the beach.

I thought she was away so it was a very pleasant surprise to see her there.  We had a lovely long walk and talk on the beach.  It is cold out there so we were both wearing jackets with polar fleece involved but both of us had roll up pants on and bare feet.  The water is getting warmer, one of the benefits to being on a bay, the sand was chilly on our toes but the wind was gentle with only a slight bite to it.  My ankle only twinged twice but it seems to be holding up, although it’s completely purple now, arnica gel is on my list of purchases for this afternoon (along with a car charger for my phone).

We talked about her impending trip to Italy and all the things that fell into place to make it happen, about the wonderful places she’ll be staying and the yoga retreat that she’ll be going to towards the end of her stay.  Ruth is a yoga teacher, what a wonderful place to go for a workshop.  We had an up close a personal look at the “wall” that the doctor built around the corner so that the tidal surge doesn’t take out half his property.  We all secretly giggle about this ’cause he’s had to do it twice and the ocean keeps washing it away, although this year there was no tidal surge so the wall is in place.  I invited her in for a cup of tea after the walk however she was heading back to her place to do yoga, which made me feel like I should do the same thing.

I have my mat down in the middle of the room, I’ve turned up the heater and have some music playing, (I like doing yoga to music it keeps me honest in my pose holding) I think a half hour just to get myself back into the routine should be a good start.  I miss yoga and the benefits I get from a regular practice, I just haven’t been able to get back to a routine since I left TO and I’m determined to do so this summer.

For some reason when I’m the most stressed is when I abandon my mat when it should be the exact opposite. I think clearer, sleep, feel better and eat healthier when I do this and it’s a good thing I can do for myself so I’m not sure why I let it go at the first sign of trouble.  In my defense I have been doing a lot more hiking and ECO (the kayak place) does a yoga/kayak thing on sunday morning that I would like to go to this summer when I’m not at the cottage.

Just being with Ruth makes me re-evaluate what I’ve done with this part of my life.  All this before 1030 on a Tuesday morning, WOW!  Now I’m going to do the 30 minutes of yoga, work on my classes and then pack to head out to the ferry.

Dreaming Big from the East Coast,


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2 Responses to then there was Tuesday

  1. oreneta says:

    Sounds fantastic! Yoga is something I’ve done on and off, though right now I am very off….it is such a wonderful practice.

    • Break Free says:

      I love it, but only got about 15 minutes in – I made the mistake of reading an email I shouldn’t have and it pissed me off & I couldn’t get back into the grove! Arrrrgh!! hate that! oh well there’s always tomorrow!

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