and hump day…

Lola AKA Lowell

the stray that guards me Lola or Lowell

This is Lola (or I guess I should call him Lowell) a cute little stray that’s been hanging around the cottages since last summer.  The neighbours up the road, Kristy and Gerry, who live here year round take care of him and when I’m here he gets food when my girls get something. He’s a sweet little thing just perches outside under the furniture, patiently waits for me to bring him a little food.

Kristy originally thought he was a girl so she started calling him “Lola” then discovered she was a he.  I just call him sweetie, seems to work.  My girls are not impressed, there is quite a bit of the “puffing up to a 20 pound puddy” going on, lots of whining and complaining to me about his presence but when I slide the glass door back to let them tell him themselves, they chicken out (I leave the screen door closed).  He won’t go away, even when I go outside to sit with him, but he won’t let me touch him, just as well since I can see mites in his ears and I suspect fleas abound as well.

Last night I decided that I would take the 630AM ferry back into town this morning, what I wouldn’t do for that 8am ferry that will run later in the summer! This boat will get me back into town by 930AM.  I can take a shower, test drive a car, then go to work, go to the graduation dinner I was invited to, then take an early ferry back tomorrow AM be back in time to have dinner with my girls.

Because of this I had more time at the cottage, so around 7pm last night I decided to take a walk on the beach.  I slipped out the door, talking softly to “Lola/Lowell” telling him what I told my girls, I’m going for a walk on the beach I’ll be right back.  Down the stairs I went (ankle still sore) bundled up in my jacket, my hands in my pockets and my hood up against the wind.  On my way back I saw something sitting on the platform by my flip flops… first, I thought it was a seagull, then a buoy, but I knew that wasn’t right, then I realized ….. it was the cat.   He had come down to see where I was, maybe to make sure I was ok, who knows but there he was, perched by my pink flip flops at the base of the stairs waiting.  He didn’t look very happy – the water was way to close and the wind was kicking up.

Cat making sure I'm OK.

Lola/Lowell at the top of the stairs making sure I’m ok on the beach.

As I got closer to the stairs, he jumped up and headed to the top.  He waited for me but his instincts are to honed to be afraid of big moving people even with me chatting softly at him.

He came back with me to the cottage, I wish I could let him in but he’s NOT house trained and the added critters on him would cause major problems.  He’s starting to talk to me though, little peeps.  I have no illusions that he is a stray and that he is border line feral, but he is a cutie and he just seems to like the company.  It’s kinda sad ’cause he sits under the chairs and faces in towards the cottage looking at the life my girls live.  I’m not sure if he’s envious or thinks they’re suckers.

The girls were very present last night, as if they need to stake a claim on me, where they usually are in bed all day they both spent the afternoon in the living room, alternating between snoozing beside me and puffing up to give him what for.  Prairie even gave me her patent “nose kiss” saved for special occasions only.

I’m missing them already but I’ll be back soon and can cozy up with my 2 girls and my 1/2 guy!

Dreaming Big from the East Coast,


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2 Responses to and hump day…

  1. oreneta says:

    It’s entertainment for the girls too, while you’re gone, they can puff up and be indignant regularly! Giggling at the thought of the three of them.

    • Break Free says:

      He doesn’t seem to care about them…they puff up and yell and he just sits there calm as can be…it is really funny. Keep them on their toes….they’re expendable if they don’t behave! LOL!

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