star light star bright…..

First star I see tonight…..the moon came out very early last night, or what I thought of as early.  The sun was still setting and it was light out at 8pm when I noticed the white moon against the blue sky.  It looked almost full, a little lopsided on the bottom.  I checked, the moon will be “full” at 812am on tuesday.

It didn’t matter, at 930pm I came outside, bundled up with two blankets and my mohair sweater to sit out and watch the moon.  It was beautiful.  A swath of moonlight came right across the bay towards my deck, in that perfect “v” shape that the moon gets on nights like this.  It was cold out, which was good because that meant the winged vampires were not (as they are right now, desperately trying to get to me though the fog of my summer perfume).  Why is it that every moon lit night seems more beautiful than the last?

As I sat there, bundled up in my blankets, listening to Frank, Nat and Stacey, I noticed one of the planets was out, probably Venus.  I blinked and there was another light beside it.  The star just “popped” into existence.  I know this is just the lag time of when the light from the dying star reaches us, how bright it is so we can see it and how dark it is for us.  It really did look like it just twinkled into being, there one minute and gone the next.

I’ve talked about the stars here before, because I am in the middle of nowhere, there is NO light pollution and the stars you see here are incredible.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen the Milky Way so clearly as I do here.

It’s the morning now, the tide is in, the bay is “fat” again, and the winged vampires are all around me.  It’s going to be a beautiful day, sunny and 18.  Just right.  Tonight the moon will be back a little fuller, the stars will be out and the Milky Way will be waiting patiently for me to gaze at it.  Never the same to my eye, I always see something different and new, but constant.  I love this place.

Dreaming Big from the East Coast,


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