Friendship and lilies

This weekend was a busy one.  I had company for the weekend.  I should tell  you that I’m not really good with company.  I love being with people but I really enjoy my time alone and need the space to be in.  I like my friend very much and was looking forward to having her here but it’s also tough for me to have someone in my space.  She made it enjoyable though and we had a great time.

She arrived on Friday night, we had a quick catch up, went out for dinner and since we both had long days we turned in early.  I should mention that my “guest” room is a loft space above my bathroom and anyone who stays with me must be prepared to climb a ladder to the room above.

The next day it was pouring down rain.  We decided on an adventure, so off to the Charolottown farmers market we went.  We met a lovely lady selling spices and my friend bought quite a number of them from her.  Then off to a great lunch of sushi. in town, then to “meca”, Vesey Seeds.

My friend loves to garden (not a passion I share)  I am a pot gardener (no I don’t mean that kind of pot) I mean I like to garden in pots.  I don’t have the patience for gardening I’m only interested in it from May to October and whatever I plant must be able to be semi-self sufficient.  I used to have a large-ish garden in TO but it really took way to much of my time and I didn’t find it enjoyable, just another chore to add to my already out of control to do list.  I only plant edible things in my pots, so they’re full of herbs, nasturtiums, lavender and this year I think I might do 1 tomato plant.

My friend has always dreamed of going to Vesey seeds, so off we went.   I did buy some sunflower seeds (another friend and I had been looking at the catalogue only a few days earlier and I had notices some sunflowers I liked) and they were giving away lily bulbs.

I am not a fan of lilies and would have refused the bulbs but my friend talked me into taking them, along with the woman standing in line behind me’s bag as well.  I’ve just gone from someone who doesn’t like gardening to someone who now has 2 areas of freshly planted bulbs and seeds.  I had a nice time, my friend was in heaven, and now I have everything planted and I’ll see how it all works out.   The next day we went to visit my friend Ruth, and she gave me some chocolate mint which will go in the 2 urns at my front deck.

I’ve been trying  not to get sucked into the beautiful annuals that are bursting out this season.  I almost bought one the other day, I resisted.  The thing is that it is so beautiful here that you really don’t need to have flowers and herbs are handy for BBQ’s  and smell  and taste so wonderful, they are my 1st choice.

This week back in Halifax will be getting my car finally settled and then buying what I need to stay on the island for the next 2 1/2 weeks.  I am really looking forward to it! I’ll get the rest of my herbs planted next weekend and then I can relax and concentrate on where I’m going to live…that’s the next crisis!!

Dreaming Big from the East Coast,


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2 Responses to Friendship and lilies

  1. Oreneta says:

    Gardening is something I really enjoyed doing with my kids, but I find that my interest in it has diminished vastly now that theirs has too……. the garden here has to scrape by on a bare minimum of attention, very bare……if it weren’t for my husband watering the pots, they’d all be dead. I just. don’t. water. Ever.

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