Champagne troubles……

This is one of those days…one where I really don’t have much to say, I have tons to do but no motivation to do them and nothing I want to read.  I’ve been marking the last of the assignments this morning I still have quite a number to do but it’s sunny outside and I’m done for awhile.

I feel frustrated today.  I received an email last night from my Ex that just annoyed me to no end, at the moment I’m taking the high road and NOT responding in fear that I might just say something mean and sink to his level.  The 1 person I want to speak with seems to not be speaking to me at present and I’m apartment and car shopping via the phone. To top it off I received an obnoxiously high bill from my internet provider because I haven’t been watching how much I’m streaming.  I can’t even walk on the beach ’cause the tide is up….I know champagne troubles.

Ok, deep breath! Feel that beautiful ocean breeze fill my lungs, the sun shinning down on me and warming my toes and fingers up, listen to the waves hitting the shore…this is a great life and these other rotten annoyances will go away very soon.  I often wonder why if we can manifest our own lives these “things” bump into us and why they seem to always happen at the same time?  They’re not even “real” problems just annoyances, how do they even garner a minute of our time never mind put some of us (me!) in a funky mood?

It’s not like I don’t love my life, sure some aspects could be different but I’m working on that change, it just seems like we are scheduled in to have days that are frustrating. I guess that once you give into the 1st frustration the others just gravitate towards it.  I think the best plan for me right now is to put my bathing suit on, slather myself with 45SPF and grab some book, any book and sit in the sun and read.  That way the only thing I have to concentrate on is not burning.

Champagne Troubles from the East Coast,


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2 Responses to Champagne troubles……

  1. oreneta says:

    I think that we get frustrated and then instead of blowing off further frustrations, we notice them, and get the perspective that they are building…while if we are feeling generally happy, that’s what we notice more of and it reinforces that sentiment.

    Though if we’re hungry or tired it starts to go downhill fast…

    I put on happy music and then my mood tends to lift. Works for me.

    • Break Free says:

      I think you’re right…..and I do try the cherry music….I put on the radio and Corey Hart wearing his sunglasses popped out! LOL! always good for a laugh! xo

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