The 630AM Ferry…..

It all began with the 630AM ferry.  Yesterday was my last day of school for this semester then I have 2 weeks of  vacation before next semester begins and  a TON of things to do before I could relax.  There was the issue of my car’s lease being up on the 26th of this month, the fact that I don’t have a place to live in town for July and the fact that I need additional work all stressing me out (not to mention GG issues, which I won’t ….. mention that is!).

I arrived back in the city at about 10am, dropped my bags off went immediately to the Mazda dealership intending to buy/lease a Mazda 2. I had resigned myself to a “sewing machine on wheels” (no offence) just the fact that it’s a far smaller car than I’m used to.  I had left the 2nd set of tires for my Benz at the cottage thinking that I would have to come back into town next week to pick up my car and have everything arranged.  It is the 1st time since moving here that something went WAY faster than I had anticipated.

Turns out yesterday was my last day with the Benz, I pick up my new car today.  I haven’t even cleaned out my car, there’s stuff everywhere.  My new Mazda 3 will be taking me back to the island tonight.  It worked out cheaper than the 2 – crazy!  Not to mention that I got credit approved in less than 10 minutes during the time I was arranging for my insurance, that’s all it took.

Then I was off to school to give a quiz and get feed back on the Media Communications course.  Next stop apartment.  I’ve been to this building twice before in April, but didn’t take any of those apartments they just seemed too expensive and not right.  This time I was shown a 1 bedroom with a beautiful view of Chocolate Lake, lots of sun patches for the girls to hang out in and a really great feel to it.  I filled out the application and left a deposit cheque, baring any technical difficulties I now have a new home for July 1st.

Then back to the school to give a quiz to the Career Management crew – the Audio Engineers.  Then off to Bayers Lake to run a few errands and meet a friend for a celebratory birthday dinner, then back to the place I’m staying for some girly chat before she headed off for the night.

Then there was sleep….which never seem to come.  I was still awake at 2AM this morning (it’s 530am right now) tossing and turning, trying to convince my inner self that yes we will be alright for paying everything and that a new job is definitely on the horizon so that there will be extra money for things like kibble and litter.  Finally out of shear exhaustion my inner self went someplace to sulk and let the rest of me sleep for a bit.

It was a VERY full day yesterday. Today isn’t much better, I have paperwork to sign for insurance, another apartment to see, just in case something bottoms out with the 1st choice, return one car, pick up the new car, lunch with a friend, pick up a few things that I need for the next two weeks and then drive back to the ferry to catch the 615 to the island and 2 weeks of time spent with the girls.  Whoosh! At least I’m not wasting my time when I’m in town huh? I’m exhausted just looking at that list.

I LOVE days like yesterday, when it just seems so overwhelming but really everything falls into perfect place, the timing is right and the universe is standing beside you cheering and taking notes to make the rest of the week perfect.  Today will be another one of those days I just know it.  Sad because my beloved car will be going back to the Benz fold but happy that I’ll have a new one to drive.

I’d love to say this is a typical day in my life especially since everything went so smoothly but alas, I can not. I cherish the days that are like this though, they make me feel that I’m making the right decisions.  Excellent confirmation in the way I’m living my life.

Dreaming Big from the East Coast,


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2 Responses to The 630AM Ferry…..

  1. oreneta says:

    A good thing not every day is like that one, I don’t think we’d make it! Good when they happen, but it must have been utterly exhausting. Utterly.

    • Break Free says:

      AND I couldn’t for the life of me get to sleep!! still going on adrenalin today – lots still to do….I’m going to be SO glad to get home tonight! LOL! It was a GREAT day tho!

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