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it’s been fun….

It’s been a fun week this week.  Back in the action of a busy post house, solving problems on the fly and having fun meeting new people and seeing the new projects out there. I’m getting used to the bus … Continue reading

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The building broke….

It was my 2nd day subbing in as the Post Coordinator at “The Post Man” facility and wouldn’t you know it, the building broke! Our power went out around 11am and was intermittent till we called it a day around … Continue reading

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Perfect, comes to mind….

I didn’t mean to take a break from blogging, it sort of just happened.   Last week was uneventful, I taught for three days and nothing exciting or out of the ordinary happened.  But then I decided to go to … Continue reading

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1 step forward, 2 steps back…

I’m in my living room watching the sun rise in a beautiful sky…it’s been raining all night and the cars going by on the road are making that wet tire sucking sound.  The girls are sitting around me, I’m not … Continue reading

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Happy Day!

Monday, the word that most people dread.  I’m lucky at the moment, I don’t work on mondays so it’s not so bad for me.  I was supposed to finish the unpacking yesterday, that didn’t happen (anyone surprised by that?) but … Continue reading

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another slow quiet Sunday

Sunday wasn’t very exciting, it started out like every day this week did, hot, but by the end of the day had cooled off quite a bit.  The girls haven’t really been moving around the apartment since they’ve been here, … Continue reading

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Girls day out

I should have taken pictures but the advice that we get from the guides is to not take anything that can’t withstand a dump in the water for “just in case” purposes, but the day was beautiful and the 5 … Continue reading

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