Happy Day!

Monday, the word that most people dread.  I’m lucky at the moment, I don’t work on mondays so it’s not so bad for me.  I was supposed to finish the unpacking yesterday, that didn’t happen (anyone surprised by that?) but it will today since my moving guy is coming to pick up the empty boxes and tubs.

What did happen is I had 2 great meetings yesterday morning.  The 1st one which I won’t go into to much detail about, was very last minute one and set my week up in a way that will make everything less frustrating.  The 2nd one was just a coffee with an old friend.  A 1/2 hour chat that not only caught me up with my friend but also helped me by making me feel better about getting a full time job and living here in my new city. I think I’ve mentioned that I want to have another job by mid September to the beginning of Oct at the latest (goals gotta have ’em).

As for living here? it’s nice to know that even after 10 or 12 years here, after buying a house and having a family, even he still thinks, occasionally, about moving back to TO, good to know it isn’t just me.  He did encourage me to hang on here, it does take a little longer than a year to become established in a place and I’m certainly getting there.

Which brings me to the rest of my day.  I stopped in at the video store to rent a few seasons of a show that I might be able to get a job on, research, sometimes my job is really fun “watch 2 seasons of this TV show and get back to me” isn’t all that bad for homework.  I came home to my new apartment, did some laundry, unpacked a few boxes had a great lunch from the grocery shop I did yesterday and sat down in front of my computer to do my homework. Perfect thing to do on a grey cloudy day.

All day I’d been looking forward to the “meet-up” that night.  In case some of you are unaware, there is a free organization on line called “meet up” where you can join certain groups of people who do things that you like to do.  It’s great for people who are new to a city and want to do things but not alone (like me) or even for people who just want to meet new people in their city.  I’ve joined 2 different groups, one does out door’s stuff and one social.

I’ve gone to 2 meet ups – the timing hasn’t worked out for some of the activities.  I joined a hike and last night I went kayaking.  Most of the activities are free but the kayaking was $15 dollars, which included EVERYTHING! the boat, the safety gear and talk AND 3 experienced guides, one of who was Corinne from ECO.  I was thrilled to see her, we’re becoming old buddies now!

Halifax has something that I was told was unique in Canada and maybe in North America (don’t quote me on this one), there is a legacy property called St. Mary’s Boat Club that was sold to the city by the catholic church for a dollar, with the understanding that it would be for the people of Halifax.  It’s pretty amazing, there are kayaks, sail boats, sculls for rowing, tennis courts, loads of FREE parking, a cute boat house, all in the middle of the city that our taxes go towards. Every Monday and Wednesday for the $15 dollars you can go kayaking.  The best part? it’s right around the corner from my new place.

I had  a great time.  The 1st thing I learned, and the most important thing, there really IS a graceful way to get in and out of a kayak, who knew!  We paddled up the “Arm” and back and it was lovely.  The water was clam, because it wasn’t a classic beautiful night, there wasn’t a lot of boat traffic to deal with.  The guides took the time to talk to all of us, giving us tips and general chat.  All the people I met last night were a lot of fun.  A really enjoyable way to spend a few hours on a monday evening, I’m definitely going back.

I came home had a great chat with a friend and made dinner plans for tonight.  It was one of those days, which I haven’t had in a very long time, when my head hit the pillow I was actually saying to myself “happy, happy, happy so THIS is what it feels like!”

Dreaming Big from the East Coast,


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