1 step forward, 2 steps back…

I’m in my living room watching the sun rise in a beautiful sky…it’s been raining all night and the cars going by on the road are making that wet tire sucking sound.  The girls are sitting around me, I’m not sure if it’s because I’m up at 530 and they want the company or if it’s because they think it’s breakfast time, but they’re here none the less.  As usual, I can’t sleep.

Yesterday, tuesday, was a wonderful day.  My moving guy came to pick up the tubs and boxes from my place and by doing that I found I had 2 electrical outlets that I didn’t know I had.   I had dinner plans with a friend that turned out to be wonderful however I think I missed something huge, which kept me awake for quite sometime when I got home, kicking myself for missing it. That’s going to have to be fixed, I’m really mad at myself for not catching it at the time and I’ll have to deal with it today.

The most annoying part, you ask?!?  I came home from my dinner at about 1115pm to find someone in my parking spot.  A big ass SUV parked there like it belonged! Now, I know that I wasn’t supposed to be home last night, I realize that now, I should have stayed at my friends place and that was a pretty blatant way for the universe to tell me.  I had to park on the street, I hope my car is still there undamaged and unticketed.  I have a call into the super and I left a note on the windshield.  The really annoying part is that I was going to take the bus in this AM to save some money but if that SUV is still in my spot (as of 1am it was) I can’t move my car inside and I have to move it off the street which means taking it down town, today.  See..ANNOYING!

Monday was such an amazing day and yesterday started out being so great but the finish was a little to be desired. Sometimes I feel like I take a wonderful step forward then get dragged 2 steps back.  Frustrating as hell! New day today it looks lovely but it is supposed to rain all day, I hope it does we need the break in the heat.

I need to see if I can doze for another 40 minutes and figure out what I’m going to wear today and take for lunch, ’cause my lunch money just became parking money.  It’s a new day and I know all the annoyances will be taken care of, another step forward.

Dreaming Big from the East Coast,


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