Perfect, comes to mind….

I didn’t mean to take a break from blogging, it sort of just happened.   Last week was uneventful, I taught for three days and nothing exciting or out of the ordinary happened.  But then I decided to go to the cottage. It was last minute and I didn’t really tell anyone, just packed the girls up and took off.

I’m working a full week this week, subbing in for a post coordinator in a busy facility and since I teach ’til 315 on fridays it seemed like a waste of money just to go for the 2 days. The week had been so hot and I don’t think I’ve ever seen the girls so wrung out from the heat, me as well, so I packed them up, grabbed the groceries from my fridge, booked the 8pm ferry and was off and running. Escaping to the peace and quiet of my little home on the island.

Before I left for the ferry, I should mention that a friend of mine heard about a job down here and highly recommended me to the searching person.  We’re meeting next week and my plans for how I want this part of my life to run are coming to fruition I can’t wait!

Of course, you may have noticed that I believe in signs, and I guess I should have gone with my 1st gut feeling of not going to the cottage, but the weather was so nice and we really needed to just be safe in our little home.  I did a very dumb thing on saturday morning.  I could hear buzzing, a lot of it, I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from, then I found it, a small wasps nest being built under one of the deck stairs.

I grabbed the nearest thing to knock it down with (turned out to be the BBQ cleaning brush) and went at the nest.  Well, it served me right, one of the guards was so upset that he attacked me stinging me at least 5 times on the temple. In his defense I was wrecking his home.  It turns out I’m allergic to wasp stings and now my eye is all puffed up like a golf ball.

I did get to see 1st hand how the Montague Hospital works.  My friend, Sarah, insisted on coming with me (it was great to have the company) but I felt bad since it was 830 on sunday morning.  We went through McDonalds drive threw before going to emergency, then put the bag in her purse just in case they thought it wasn’t really an emergency if we had time for the drive threw.  The doctor came in just as we finished out breakfast, checked me out, pronounced me allergic to the stings gave me a prescription then that was it. We were back at the cottage by 10am.

My 1st day at work was great, at least for me, I hope the guys were ok with what I did, it seemed to be under control when I left at 620 last evening.  By the time I took the bus home it was 730pm but for some reason I was full of energy (probably the drugs the doctor gave me) and ran some errands, moved some furniture around and hung some pictures, wonder drugs!

I’m sure by the end of the week I’ll be happy to crawl back into my bed and stay there for the weekend, still haven’t decided if I’m going back to the island this weekend or not, usually that means I’ll end up going.  Even with the sting and the golf ball sized eye, which thanks to the drugs is moving to a walnut size, it was worth it to be at the cottage even just for 2 days, swimming in the ocean.

At one point on Saturday afternoon (before my eye exploded) 4 of us were walking down to the beach for a swim, I took a moment to pause and just listen to the other 3 women. Their laughter, joking and talking excitedly over each other made me realize how wonderful it all was, and how incredible the turn of events that conspired for me to become friends and to be included with this amazing group of women.  It really was wonderful, not sure how to describe it…..“perfect”, comes to mind as the best word.

Dreaming Big from the East Coast,


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One Response to Perfect, comes to mind….

  1. oreneta says:

    It does sound perfect…despite the eye…..hope you’re feeling better very very soon!

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