The building broke….

It was my 2nd day subbing in as the Post Coordinator at “The Post Man” facility and wouldn’t you know it, the building broke! Our power went out around 11am and was intermittent till we called it a day around 330pm.  Crazy!

I’m really enjoying this job this week, it’s something that I can do and do well.  It’s a comfortable place for me to be.  The guys that work here are great, really friendly and helpful and I’m having a great time with them.  My goal for this week is to make sure that things run smoothly so that when the Coordinator, who’s job this actually is, comes back next monday she doesn’t walk into chaos. Hopefully, I’ll hit that goal.

But yesterday, we all fell short of the goals planned so it’s gonna be a busy rest of the week. The electricians were called in and then NS power had to come and shut down the block so that parts could be replaced.  The text I received about 830PM last night said we’re up and running again, so I’m in early today just to put some of the pieces back together that went astray yesterday.

I had forgotten how much I thrive on this atmosphere, the pace, putting out the fires, and the problem solving….it’s great.  I went to a movie with a friend last night, then came home and vacuumed and washed all my floors, I’m not sure if this is left over energy from the drugs the doctor gave me for my eye (which is almost back to normal) or if it’s just being back in a place that feels like “home” but whatever it is, I’m getting tons done and I’m loving it.

Dreaming Big from the East Coast,


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2 Responses to The building broke….

  1. oreneta says:

    Let’s hope this turns into work on a permanent basis….wouldn’t that be excellent….certainly a strong foot in the door, no?

    • Break Free says:

      Ya it would be nice to work here, the boss and I have been chatting about it but it’s a new layer of mgmt for him and he’s a little nervous ’bout that! LOL! but I have an interview next week I’m really excited about so I’m doing ok….but FUN this week! stuff I haven’t done in awhile….

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