it’s been fun….

It’s been a fun week this week.  Back in the action of a busy post house, solving problems on the fly and having fun meeting new people and seeing the new projects out there. I’m getting used to the bus routes in town, they are NOTHING like TO’s! I used to complain about the TTC….I take it ALL back! TTC is a dream compared to the bus system here.  I’m getting to know it though.

My apartment still looks like it’s a crash pad, I still have boxes that need to be dealt with, mainly books, and my bedroom doesn’t “feel” right, so some work will have to be done on that.  I think I’ll probably do better when the weather turns a little colder and I’m forced to “nest”, right now it’s the “city pad” (how lucky am I that I can say that!?!?) and the cottage is still home.

I try to spend as much time at the cottage as I can since I only get it til the end of October before I have to close it down for the season.  Six long months where I can’t be there.  When I got the apartment I was looking towards those months, this place will be cozy in a snow storm, and when the fog and rain season is here it will be a good place to snuggle in with the girls it has that feel.  But right now, it’s hot and noisy and we haven’t found our rhythm yet.  I think if  I can get the stereo hooked up over the next week or so that’ll help, I need more speaker wire.

It’s the little things that make it a home.  That saying “home is where the heart is” is a cliche for a reason.  My home is where the girls are and I think we all have left our hearts in De Gros Marsh….that doesn’t sound as good as San Francisco does it? Trust me when I say it’s better! And, we are lucky since we have 2 homes to love!

Last day at the post house, it’s been fun! Dinner with the GG tonight, it’s his birthday so I’m cooking, then off to the cottage for a few days, I have to clean it for the renters coming in.  I’m pretty sure that I could probably make a new cat from the fur under the bed so that has to be dealt with.  Despite the pouring rain today, I think it’s going to be a great day.

Dreaming Big from the East Coast,


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One Response to it’s been fun….

  1. oreneta says:

    It all sounds so lovely, and it is so nice to get to hear about what you’re up to! Making a place into a home does take a little thinking doesn’t it.

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