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Urban girl not so many adventures

It’s tuesday morning….412AM to be precise, I can’t sleep, big surprise.  The Perseid Meteor shower was a no show for me this year, it’s been foggy and rainy here and when there were moments of clear skies it was just that, moments. … Continue reading

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City Girl…

I’m in the city for the next few weeks.  There are people staying in my cottage for the next little while so the girls and I are “city girls” for the duration.  It’s a good thing, I’ll get the change … Continue reading

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Long Weekend

Great way to start the long weekend! It’s foggy out again this morning I can’t even see the lake across the street but it’s Friday, which means the run for the ferry.  Today, my class is going to see “Batman” … Continue reading

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How did it go?

I had an interview yesterday.  Everyone keeps asking me how it went.  I wasn’t hired on the spot, she told me to follow up with her in a few weeks, that she has lots of work and needs people with … Continue reading

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Jelly fish Hari-Kari

I’ve learned something about myself over the past few days, I don’t like having internet access at the cottage lately.  It’s costing me way to much so I’m nervous about using it, and for some reason it just feels like … Continue reading

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