Jelly fish Hari-Kari

I’ve learned something about myself over the past few days, I don’t like having internet access at the cottage lately.  It’s costing me way to much so I’m nervous about using it, and for some reason it just feels like a horrible intrusion.  I love that I can do my banking and check in with everyone via facebook and the occasional email but for some reason it seems like I’m feeling pressured into checking in several times a day.  This time, I didn’t even plug in the hub until monday morning, it was bliss!

This weekend was particularly wonderful.  After working a full week last week (yes I KNOW, poor baby!) I had dinner with the GG on friday night it was his birthday so I promised to make him dinner….which turned out not very good so I think I’m going to owe him one some other time.  I packed the girls up saturday morning and hit the 1pm ferry to the island.  After, grocery shopping, really quickly since it was hot out and I had ALL the windows rolled down for the ladies in the car, I cruised into the cottage unloaded them, the groceries and hit the beach.

The water was so warm I couldn’t believe it.  I was by myself and we all know how much I HATE swimming by myself (can’t hear the sharks creeping up on you) but I must have stayed floating in the water with the sun beating down on me for about 30 minutes only being driven from the warm ocean by the fact that my stomach began to rumble and the realization that I hadn’t eaten since breakfast in Halifax on my way to the ferry and now it was almost dinner time.

I headed back up the beach to the cottage, scarfed down something to tide me over til dinner then hauled the hammock out and dried off in the sunshine, and then went for another float before dinner. It was absolutely glorious! The weather was perfect, the ocean was warm, the girls were happy to be home, so was I.  It was very quiet there this weekend, I had the whole place to myself, no one was down.

I ended up spending the weekend doing some of the puttering I was supposed to do, nowhere near the extent that needed to be done.  I’ll pay for that next weekend, but I did end up with time in the hammock, taking walks on the beach and lots of dips in the warm water with my friends who dropped by for swim company.  One friend has a new puppy so we took her in and had her swimming between the two of us, she’s going to be a proper beach dog soon.

All  in all another perfect weekend at the cottage.  Yesterday morning walking along the beach it was jelly fish hari-kari.  Every year around this time we have a mass of purple jelly fish that wash up on the shore, all in one day, then that’s it, that cycle is done and the next phase begins (eel grass seems to be the next 1 and it’s begun). We were swimming through them and around them today, I couldn’t help having “tip toe through the tulips” buzzing through my brain for the entire swim.

Last night was the full moon.  It came out on my drive back into the city, it’s beautiful white light filling the sky on my left and the setting sun turning the western sky pink, purple with streaks of indigo.  I love seeing the moon across the bay but here, in the city, at least I can sit outside and not be swarmed by the winged vampires!

I’m counting the days til next weekend, meanwhile, on to the adventures of the rest of this week!

Dreaming Big from the East Coast,


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