How did it go?

I had an interview yesterday.  Everyone keeps asking me how it went.  I wasn’t hired on the spot, she told me to follow up with her in a few weeks, that she has lots of work and needs people with experience, which I clearly have.

I think it went well but I really don’t think I’m a good interview, highly ironic since I teach this…..How do you tell if the interview went well? My feeling is that you get hired, that’s how you know.  We talked about work and experience and a little bit about other things but somebody needs to tell me how you KNOW when the interview went well. Any advice on this topic would be welcomed.

On a lighter note I moved somethings around in my apartment last night, went on a tear.  Unpacked the last  few boxes, now there’s only my shoe box to contend with.  The place is starting to look a little more cozy and put together, which is good since it still feels like “the place I go to stay in while I work in the city”, instead of home number 2.  I still have to hook up my speakers and tuner, that will help a great deal but as I mentioned I need speaker wire and just haven’t bought it yet.

Next week, I have people staying in my cottage, which means I’m in the city for at least a week and a half so my plan is to get the speakers hooked up and get some black out panels for the bedroom and get all the odds and ends tidied up.  Then I have to start listing things to sell, that’s the next item on my list, to much stuff, it’s gotta go!

Anyone need a beautiful large desk?

Dreaming Big from the East Coast,


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