Long Weekend

Great way to start the long weekend!

It’s foggy out again this morning I can’t even see the lake across the street but it’s Friday, which means the run for the ferry.  Today, my class is going to see “Batman” the last one in the trilogy, sometimes my job rocks! There will be an assignment.   Next weekend I have people staying in my cottage so the girls and I will be taking it easy in Halifax instead of doing our usual run for the ferry.

I’m sure I’ll go through my usual, loading the car takes way longer than I anticipate, there is ALWAYS more stuff than I realize.  You would think by now I wouldn’t have to much to take over.  Then there’s fishing Prairie out from under the furniture, it’s a game we play where she moves from one side of the couch to the other while I lay on my stomach and try to grab her….SO much fun!  Tabitha always seems surprised that she’s next and I have to hear about that the whole way down in the elevator.  Eventually, sweating and running later than I anticipated, we’ll be driving out of Halifax and on our way.

It’s supposed to be another beautiful weekend out here and I’m looking forward to relaxing and swimming…..much the same as what I did last weekend.  It can sound so boring but in reality?  It’s the best thing for your soul.

Dreaming Big from the East Coast,


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