Urban girl not so many adventures

It’s tuesday morning….412AM to be precise, I can’t sleep, big surprise.  The Perseid Meteor shower was a no show for me this year, it’s been foggy and rainy here and when there were moments of clear skies it was just that, moments.  So no shooting “stars” this year.

I woke up at 3am this morning, not sure why, Prairie and I have been sitting on the balcony, it’s so foggy out that all I can see of the hotel across the street is the bright white sign that bears its name.  All the lights in the hotel are out so the sign looks like it’s floating in the air a couple of hundred feet off the ground.  It’s actually really cool.

The past few days have been fairly uneventful, I did get my stereo hooked up, it’s made a huge difference to have music coming from real speakers and not just my iPal.  More boxes have found homes to live in.  The girls seem to be settling in, the apartment was beginning to feel like a way station, still can’t seem to figure out why my bedroom seems “not right” but I’m sure that will come with time, sometimes it’s just a case of moving something into the right place and then it all clicks.

I did get to see my friend David’s beautiful Studio in Lunenburg on Sunday.  I drove down in the rain to the beautiful town, where the Bluenose II lives.  His studio is wonderful, just steps from all the action “down town” Lunenburg. He gave me a quick tour, we walked down to the boardwalk grabbed some lunch and a beer and then wandered along the board walk and listened to a bit of the folk festival that’s currently going on there.  It was a great way to spend a sunday afternoon.  Actually, the visit is what gave me the motivation to get my butt in gear and hook up my stereo!

Yesterday was one of those funny days, it’s been a long time since I’ve been in Halifax when I’m not actually rushing off to work and it was a strange day weather wise.  It poured in the morning, so I ran some errands, went for a walk at the frog pond (where I’ve never actually seen any frogs), then I decided that it was to hot and noisy so I drove to Crystal Crescent Beach – about 40  minutes from my place.  It was foggy but the sun did poke out through the clouds a few times, enough to feel its heat.  I stuck my feet in the water but I admit, I am a whimp when it comes to cold water and it was chilly! I sat on my towel and watched the waves hit the shore and listened to the gulls chatting as they flew over head, it was what I needed.  I spent about 2 hours on the beach, then headed back into town.

Today I need to do some school work but I am a bit worried since the forecast will be 27 and one of my fans died.  I’ve been resisting putting the A/C unit in, for a few reasons, but if this weather keeps up, I’m going to have to do something, this is unusual weather for this end of the world.

Not sure what the rest of the week has in store for me I’m sure it won’t be boring.

Dreaming Big from the East Coast,


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