Breakfast at Frenchys

My friend and I have been talking about going to the church sales here in Nova Scotia, she is very knowledgeable about which ones are the “good” and which are the “horrible”.  I  found one on kijiji for this week and even though it wasn’t one of the “good” ones we decided to go and to combine it with a Frenchys visit. Bright and early Saturday morning we were off on our hunting trip.  Her husband was thrilled that he wasn’t on the hook for this I could actually hear the relief in his voice as he saw us off.  The church sale was a complete bust – just a lot of junk, although my friend did get some sunglasses for 50 cents. Frenchys however, was a good score.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with what a Frenchys is, let me tell you.  Out here there are a few very good used clothing stores, Frenchys is the most famous – their prices are VERY low my friend found a wonderful pea coat for $6.  Their stock is from the US so most of the clothes are labels we know but can’t get here.

Frenchy's - Lower Sackville

Frenchy’s – Lower Sackville

All of the buildings are in these unassuming wear house type places.  When you go in there are huge bins with mounds of clothes inside (should have taken a picture of that but I was to busy!).  There are large signs over each bin telling you what is in that particular bin “Ladies T-Shirts”, “Lady’s pants” etc so that you know where to start looking.

Unlike Value Village, it is fend for yourself, there are no price tags on the clothing, just a large board at the cash that tells you how much each item will be.  There is a method to going through these bins, my friend gave me a quick lesson then we were off.

The Frenchys method:

  1. first you “claim” a bin – stare down anyone else so they know to back off – a little hard to do yesterday since it was so busy but we did our best.
  2. then you push all the clothes to one end of the bin
  3. then start going through the clothes, with a sharp wrist flicking movement, transferring the pile from one end of the bin to the  other – pulling out any finds as you go through.
  4. comment and giggle over what you are seeing with the occasional “ooh” as you find an item that is good for you.

It’s an absolute scream – especially if you get someone who is able to chat and trash while you’re “working” the bin.   Lot’s of “husband hunting” tops, or as my friend calls them “john hunting” tops.  I wish I had thought to take pictures, I found this wild hairy black vest that looked like a close relative to Cousin It – looked pretty ’70’s on my friend.  Some wedding dresses that have seen better marriages.  Lots of things that are labeled for grown ups but could only fit a 12 year old and occasionally a gem which you quickly pull out and put in your basket that you’ve been pushing around with your toe.  We had so much fun and actually found a few good things – she did much better than I but that’s ok I’m watching my bucks right now.

By the time we left, she had a garbage bag…I’m not kidding, they actually packed her purchases in a big black garbage bag, I had a much smaller bag with just a few things.  We had a ton of fun for a very little money and actually have some new clothes to wear.  Some of  you know how much I hate clothes shopping, it’s one of my most hated things to do, however, I think this will be a regular thing for us, even if  you don’t buy anything just the sheer fun of laughing over some of the clothes would bring me back.

If you’re coming down this way I would recommend you taking the time to check out a Frenchys here’s we went to a Guy’s Frenchys – there are a few different ones but they all started with the same 2 brothers,  the link it’s a Maritime tradition and a ton of fun for shopping addicts.

Dreaming Big from the East Coast,


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3 Responses to Breakfast at Frenchys

  1. Sheila says:

    I love shopping, I love garage sales, I love thrift stores, I love rummaging thru all the “junk” for treasures….sounds like a blast and my kinda place!!!

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