Hill 100…this time with pictures!

Herring Cove hike

Herring Cove hike

I think I may have the name of this hill wrong…I think it might be “Hillahundred”.  What ever the “official” name is I went back there the other day, it was sunny and warm spring again so I took my “icers”, which have become my favorite winter accessory, and a small picnic and off I went.

Return to Hill 100 hike very large ice patch

Return to Hill 100 hike very large ice patch

The ice along the way was crazy, there are huge patches of it (picture) and I was so glad to have the icers to put on my hiking boots.  This was a patch between a rock and a hard place…literally, the ocean on the left and forest on the right.  The only way to go forward is to go over the ice. I made it across safely.

When I reached the top of the ice patch, I had to stop to take my accessories off, because I began to walk up rock.  I looked out to the ocean and I saw something I haven’t seen since the 1st week I moved here, a submarine coming into the harbour.  The picture was to far away to put in the post.  To my amazement, I saw, 2 eagles hunting  for lunch.  I was so excited  I wasn’t sure if I actually got a picture of them.

Eagle looking for lunch

Eagle looking for lunch

They flew about 20 feet above my head,  this one pictured, is actually a mature eagle complete with the white head and tail feathers, his mate had lovely brown spots on her tummy.  They were so fast.  I guess they had been hunting in the brush before deciding that they preferred fish for their meal, and headed over to the water. I had a lovely time watching them ride the thermals.  I lost them a few times in the sun but then a ray would glint off their white feathers and I would catch sight of them once again.

I hiked all the way to the breakwater, as suggested by a friend, I couldn’t go any further as you can see the rocks just ….end…around the corner to the right is the beautiful village of Herring Cove.

Breakwater at Herring Cove

Breakwater at Herring Cove

The hike was lovely, I was out for just over an hour and a half and that included sitting on the rocks watching the eagles do lazy circles above me while the cold dark waves crashed below my feet.  I just sat ate my apple had some water and enjoyed the sun.   It truly is a beautiful place.

view from the top of the rocks over looking the far part of Herring Cove

view from the top of the rocks over looking the far part of Herring Cove

Dreaming Big from the East Coast


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6 Responses to Hill 100…this time with pictures!

  1. Noella says:

    Fantastic pictures…thanks

  2. oreneta says:

    Lovely lovely lovely lovely lovely lovely lovely!!!!!!

  3. Great pics, the water looks so inviting!

  4. grace mota says:

    Samantha, the pictures you took are beautiful. I hope to get out there sometime soon. I would love to walk the trails with you. Thanks for sharing.

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