A Promise Kept

When I first moved to Halifax I was right downtown in an expensive but beautiful condo. When my lease was up I decided to move, the place I had been renting was lovely, however it faced an inside courtyard and north so there were no sun patches and no view.

This new place is in an older building, built in the 1960’s I believe, judging from the decor.  I think I’ve mentioned that it’s right on one of the main roads that everyone uses to get onto and off of the peninsula (Halifax)?  It’s noisy, in the summer I’m on the top floor so the heat rises and it’s hot, I face east so the sun shines in my apartment from 7am to about 2pm heating the place up, there are people around me that smoke and sometimes I can really smell it.

Sun rise winter view of frozen Chocolate lake

Sun rise winter view of frozen Chocolate lake

BUT the view is beautiful, as I mentioned I can sit and watch the sun rise right in front of me, there is a little lake across the street, where in the winter people can skate and in the summer swim.  This little place has become quite cozy and I realized the other day as I snapped this picture, I kept a promise I made to the girls, for a city place that’s as cozy as our little cottage and that has big sun patches for them. I think I kept that promise.

Prairie enjoying a sun patch

Prairie enjoying a sun patch

I love this picture of Prairie with her toes in the sun patch.

Sun patch mornings

Sun patch mornings

Tough life for the small cats in this house hold. Prairie on the stool and Tabitha in the sun patch on the floor.  Lazy mornings are very good here!

Dreaming Big from the East Coast,


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2 Responses to A Promise Kept

  1. Noella says:

    Happy to see the girls enjoying the sun patches!

  2. Nikki says:

    The girls look so pretty and contented!!

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